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The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – September 2014, Week Four, “Raising Your Wealth Consciousness” Meditation

wealth meditationTo wrap up September’s theme of how to raise our wealth consciousness, Kevin Schoeninger’s guided meditation takes us back through the new ways of thinking about possibilities we’ve been discussing, and how it feels to try on these new ideas.

I say new ideas, but they may only seem new when we open ourselves up to consider them as something we can truly accept, rather than just pie in the sky imaginings. Last week we talked about the difference between ideas we consider true intellectually, and ideas we really believe. Even things we know as true may not always coincide with our emotional reaction to them.

Take a sunrise. We are ages beyond the idea of the earth as the center of the Universe, or that a sun god in a chariot lit our world by driving a fiery chariot across the sky. Our knowledge of the solar system is part of what makes us modern humans. We don’t need to have faith that the planets revolve around the sun, we accept it as a fact. It’s all pretty amazing when we stop and think about it, but until we stop and think about it, the physics of the universe is probably not at the forefront of our minds.

When we experience a sunrise we see colors begin to glow along the horizon, and shadows begin to disappear. Even storm clouds are backlit, and raindrops or snowflakes begin to sparkle in the light. Birds awaken and our spirits lift. The world opens up to the opportunities of another day. Do we think about our turning planet? Well, maybe astronomers do, but the rest of us may either rejoice at seeing another dawn, or simply hit the ground running toward the stress of another frantic day. It’s how we feel about each brand new day that determines how we experience it.

Meditation can be an excellent method to stop and take stock of how we feel about what we say we believe, or know. In part, that is what Kevin asks us to do this week, as we examine how we feel about the idea of wealth, and what it might mean for all of us.

Kevin asks us to consider two important questions: “what if our stress has a lot to do with the way we are looking at life?” and “What if we could take on a whole new view of what it means to be wealthy and of our ability to participate in that wealth?”

In reading these questions, I was really struck by the idea of “our ability to participate” in wealth. Not acquire, not grab and cling to, but participate, be a part of something bigger than ourselves, which involves us all.

Using the steps from JV Crum’s book, The Conscious Millionaire, Kevin asks us to consider once again the ideas that there is abundance for all, and that abundance really means all of us could live lives full of everything that matters to us.

It bears repeating that what matters to us may not be money. It may be a wealth of friends or family. It may be an abundance of experiences or love. Or joy, or laughter. If we also believe that financial abundance is available to everyone, we can believe that it will be there when we need it, and waste little time scrambling to get our share.

To start with, we need to experience how abundance would feel. Following JV Crum’s nine beliefs about wealth, we can allow ourselves to open up in meditation to consider how we might feel if we were experiencing wealth for ourselves, for others, and even for society as a whole. How would it feel to experience the power that comes from collaboration? How would it feel if everyone we knew had lives full of what matters to them? What would it feel like if all of society shared “the flow and synergy of all Life working together for good?”

This meditation can help us connect to these questions. It may also bring up our own negative feelings that get in the way. As I mentioned at the beginning, we may believe in the abundance of life, or that unlimited opportunities exist for all, but we still may have deep emotional reactions which cause our tummies to tighten up when these ideas are raised, or a subtle clenching of our jaws that we may have not noticed before.

Allowing ourselves to examine these emotions in the safety of meditation helps us become aware of what we are feeling, without judgment. This is part of what JV Crum calls “awareness consciousness.” As Kevin explains, becoming aware of what is happening “right now” with what we are feeling, as well as what is happening in our lives. What matters to us? What matters to those around us, or in the greater world? And what is getting in our way that impedes us from living the life we want?

When we have become more aware of what is happening around us, we can move on to “visionary consciousness,” or imagining what could be, and “social consciousness” about how that vision would impact the entire world.

This meditation to raise our consciousness about abundance is one I feel must take repeated practice. It takes time to understand what our “knee jerk” reactions are to the concept of wealth, and even more time to allow ourselves to accept a bigger view. I recommend listening to Kevin’s guided meditation multiple times, until we can relax and truly begin to open ourselves up to all the possibilities for ourselves and the world we love.


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