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7 Questions For Divine Inspiration (PLUS: How To Create True Wealth In Every Area Of Life in 2015!)


Here’s a fun exercise plus 7 questions for divine inspiration in this moment!

This meditation is all about giving your soul space and permission to speak, so I invite you to follow along, give this a try, and see what happens.

Now, I’d like you to focus inside, and ask your divine source the following question:

“What is highest and best for me in 2015 and beyond?”

Take a few moments to be still, and simply be open to whatever arises….

Whatever thoughts or feelings come up, simply welcome them…. and then welcome the silence….

Take a moment to do this.  You can also try asking:

“What does the creative source want to manifest through me in 2015….. and what might that look, feel, sound, and taste like?”

You can pause and journal some notes if you’d like.

Remember, you don’t need to visualize anything perfectly, and it doesn’t matter if there’s no clear answer yet.  Just be open to the exploration and see what happens….

Ready?  Take a few minutes and go for it!

* * *

How did it go?

Now I’d like you to notice how your soul responds to the following questions…. and just be open to whatever arises, especially those deeper currents from the depths of your soul.

You might want to make a few notes if anything calls out to you.

7 Questions For Divine Inspiration

Ready?  Here are the questions:

1) What do I find most exciting and fulfilling in life?

2) What hobbies, passions, talents, and gifts would I like to focus on and develop in 2015?

3) What is highest and best for me in terms of making a contribution to others and the world?

4) What else would be deeply enjoyable, significant, or fulfilling?

5) What do I want in terms of day-to-day freedoms, travel, and/or time out to explore my inner truth?

6) What do I desire in terms of finances, property, business, and/or lifestyle?

7) What would be fulfilling in terms of romantic relationships, as well as relationships with work colleagues, friends, family?

Go ahead and make notes on anything that leaps out at you…

Remember, this doesn’t have to be perfect, because it already is 🙂

You’re just allowing your soul to speak, so go ahead and take some notes if you like.

If you’re still not sure, or if nothing is coming up other than mind-chatter and resistance, then OK.

See if you can allow THAT to be okay, and just be open to the exploration (HOT TIP: That’s the big secret to accessing profound inner wisdom – simply give it equanimity and time to process).

Now see if you can allow a single intention or mission statement to arise (or several). Write it down.

Take a moment to do this.

* * *

Did you find this exercise helpful?

For me, all of these categories of things that we want in our lives — to develop talents, make a contribution, financial abundance, day-to-day freedom, travel, fulfilling relationships, radiant health, peace of mind.

To me, these are all examples of one thing…


According to Wikipedia:  “Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions.”

For me, wealth is an abundance of all valuable resources that are important to me.  That includes your unique talents and gifts, your art, your contribution, your relationships, your time and space freedom, your peace of mind, and so on.  These are all part of what it means to live a whole and wealthy life, yes?

After all, a lot of people are financially very wealthy, but they’ve often paid a hefty price in terms of their health, peace of mind, relationships, and enjoyment of the best years of their life.  That’s not true wealth, in my opinion.

And maybe that’s why us spiritual folks seem to have so much trouble taking consistent action?  Maybe we see all those gung-ho, stressed-out, so called ‘successful’ people and we say to ourselves, “Well if that’s what it takes to be ‘wealthy,’ then I’d rather not bother!”  And understandably so, right?

But then what happens is we feel guilty for not doing.  You feel like you should be doing something and you beat yourself up for not doing it, which ends up feeling worse than had you taken some consistent action on the important stuff and stuck with it.  Right?

The truth is that many of us allow self-doubt and procrastination to crush our highest potential, I think because we fear to be all we can be.  And again, I’m not just talking about financial wealth.  Many of us have artistic talents and spiritual gifts we’re allowing to atrophy in our wishy-washiness.  What a tragic waste!

So those are the two extremes and neither represents true holistic wealth.

The stressed-out entrepreneur thinks he wants nothing more than to lie on a hammock on some tropic island while beautiful women rub coconut oil into his buttocks.  I know this because I was that guy! 🙂

But that fantasy didn’t last long.  Sooner or later I realized what I needed was the right balance between work and play time.

Are human beings made to do nothing?

My parents are both in their 60s and like many clients, they tell me they can’t imagine doing absolutely nothing into retirement and beyond.  They say they’re sure they want to be doing a little SOMETHING, and I think most folks are the same.  Human beings, at any age, need to be engaging with what they love, in a BALANCED way.   So here’s the thing:

What if you could engage in a LITTLE inspired action each day and allow yourself to be immersed in the enjoyment of your chosen activity?  (It could be practicing your art, growing a business, being there for your children, teaching a class, playing an instrument, or meditating etc.)

And because it’s enjoyable to you, you don’t need external pressures and stress to get yourself to do it (that’s the old paradigm our culture constantly pushes on us).

You want to do it not for the external pressure, and not even for a desired future result, but for the joy of the activity itself.  And because the activity is an expression of your inner truth and joy (again, with the proper degree of moderation) you actually want to do it over and over.

Moderation and balance is the key here.  When it’s done, it’s done.

You don’t keep doing it until it makes you stressed and sick. You know when to stop.

So allow yourself to get lost in what you love 🙂 Enjoy yourself for a short time and then stop.

Then go back to being or doing whatever else it is you do.  And because you took some inspired action, there is no more shoulding or guilt!  You can fully enjoy your time outside of the activity to simply be and explore your inner truth, or simply relax and be.

I call this “Creating Wealth In the Zone,” and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the ONLY way to create real wealth, fully develop your unique talents, while at the same time INCREASING your inner freedom and full enjoyment of life.

Will you join me for the free training I’m doing next week and choose to fully engage with your full potential?

It’s called “Wealth-Creation In The Zone: The 7-Day Training For Super-Hero Performance!” and you can join me here:

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What I’m suggesting, is that you set aside a little time each day to focus on your unique talents and gifts and/or whatever is most important for you.

I’m proposing that for a set zone of time of your choosing — maybe just 30-60 minutes per day — that you focus entirely on practicing your art, growing your business, or developing your highest opportunity.

You don’t even have to know how to do it.  You just have to show up and be willing and devoted to whatever activity you choose to focus on.  I call this zone time (Cf. I-Ching Hexagram 57: Wilhelm translation and James DeKorne.)

Your “zone time” is a time when you will let go of everything that is distracting and not-relevant to your chosen activity (by the way, focusing on something external you enjoy is one of the best ways of clearing negative patterns, because you learn to stop re-creating it over and over).

For example, right now I am in one of my zone times as I write this email for you.  If any thoughts or beliefs come up that say, “You shouldn’t be doing this and who the heck are you anyway blah blah,” then I know that is not relevant to this task.  I simply welcome them, let them go, and return my attention to the activity I’m engaging with in this moment.

The more you do it, the more enjoyable it becomes!

So what is the zone?

“The zone” — a term borrowed from elite athletes — is a heightened state of profound focus, enjoyment, and perfectly effective performance.

This is the state of consciousness artists access when they create and perform their best work.  (Have you ever heard a live singing performance that literally shook the earth it was so beautiful?)

This is how the most successful entrepreneurs access states of maximal effectiveness and go on to create spectacular results.

This is what good parents do when they show up for their children and provide precisely the perfect balance between being stern and loving.

All of these are examples of tapping into a level of consciousness where profound joy and miracles happen.

Would you like to discover the secrets of slipping into the zone at will? And joyfully engaging with whatever activities are truly important to you and your full potential?

Then join me for the free training I’m doing next week titled:

“Wealth-Creation In The Zone: The 7-Day Training For Super-Hero Performance!”

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For your highest potential!

– Matt Clarkson

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this post which gives you 7 questions you can ask to access your divine inspiration.  Please take some time to percolate on these questions and do share this post with family and friends.

Finally, I hope you will join me for the free training I’m doing next week to help you access “the zone” – this profound state of consciousness to develop your gifts and create anything you choose in your life. It begins Monday, January 19 and you’ll learn how to enjoy taking inspired action on whatever is important to you, to create profound and abundant wealth in every area of your life. Here’s the link:

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