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Public Defecation – A Millionaire Mindset?

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Well I just posted Episode 2 of “The Millionaire Mindset” and I can see it’s already beginning to cause some MAJOR controversy.

Brown shock-waves actually.

You see, the series is all about releasing our poohey beliefs in scarcity and unworthiness, so we can then take on the mindsets (and results) of the ultra-rich.

Once we’ve cleared the brown, the series then uses all of my most powerful meditation, NLP, and hypnotic techniques to layer-in the mindsets of millionaires, at both the conscious and unconscious level.  Seriously, I think it might be my finest work to date, hence the extra email this week (last one!) You’re not too late, you can get the first two episodes emailed to you for free when you sign up here —

Anyway, the controversy started after the latest episode, titled “Millionaire Mindset #1 – Being Wealthy Feels Good On Every Level – Emotionally, Ethically, Spiritually, Practically!” During this audio, I talk about some highly eccentric (and fun) millionaire mindsets.


The purpose is to get YOU into the mindset of thinking like a rich person, and all the FUN you could have!  For example:

** Roman Abramovich – Russian billionaire who allegedly installed a laser shield on his yacht that tracks the cameras of paparazzi. It then emits a bolt of light that destroys any photos they’ve taken. LOL.

** Robert Clark Graham – a millionaire optometrist, who decided to build his own sperm bank. Not lacking in imagination, I see? 🙂

And here’s the poohey controversial one….

** Salvatore “Sam” Cerreto — a millionaire who for 4 years, secretly pooped outside cafes and restaurants in a superb of Sydney Australia.

He was only “caught” after 4 YEARS  when one of the business owners captured some CCTV footage.

Anyway, I want to be clear that “public defecation” is NOT a “millionaire mindset” and is NOT something I personally endorse. 

It was just an example to illustrate how millionaires often play by their own rules…. and have a lot of FUN doing so. OK so maybe YOU wouldn’t do it that exact way.

The examples were meant to open your mind to how YOU could be eccentric in YOUR own personal way, have a lot of fun, and thereby begin thinking like a millionaire!

So I Just wanted to clear that up.

Public defecation is not kool and is NOT something we endorse here at and The Mind-Body Training Company.  After all, that would be irresponsible.

To all my loyal fans, VIPs, and people with nothing better to do with their time, thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you again soon!

– Matt Clarkson

P.S. Have you not signed up for “The Millionaire Mindset” yet?  Seriously, this is transformational stuff and this is the last day before you start missing stuff —




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