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VIDEO: How To Overcome Procrastination & Supercharge Your Creative Project! (PLUS: Matt Covering Tonight, Tonight On Guitar!)

In this video, you get to hear me play guitar and sing one of my favorite songs, Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins! I also give you some tips and insights to overcome procrastination and get started with your creative project, which could be launching a business, writing music, or changing the world!

P.S. I know you haven’t heard much from me lately, here’s why:

I’m LOVING working with a small number of one-to-one clients — to help them create EVERYTHING they truly desire in life! And more importantly, to do it in a way that dramatically increases your sense of inner freedom, self-realization, and wholeness. (It’s what I’d rather be doing.)

I would love to help you do the same — I have space for 3 more free "Inner Freedom Checklist" sessions next week before I’m full again, which are lots of fun and highly valuable! 🙂

So if you’re ready to create the life you truly desire in 2016, AND, melt into the complete inner freedom that you are, then do join me for this! To learn more and take the next step, visit here:

And here’s to making 2016 your best yet! 🙂

14 replies on “VIDEO: How To Overcome Procrastination & Supercharge Your Creative Project! (PLUS: Matt Covering Tonight, Tonight On Guitar!)”

I thought it was totally awesome and I personally did not hear any mistakes or anything that sounded off key. I loved loved it and thank you for sharing because this has truly inspired me. Once again thank you.

Matt, Thank you for sharing this amazing lesson! What I am taking away from this is that yes indeed we don’t have to be perfect but to just get out there and share our gifts. To me I heard an absolutely beautiful song from an amazing singer. It filled my heart and was perfect. Even though you may have felt it was not perfect (to your standards) it still had an impact. Thank you for sharing 🙂

hey matt ! you sang really great! it was so amazing and i really enjoyed it! it’s truly inspiring too..

This is amazing! I could never listen to this song because of Corgan’s grating vocals and lack of range. Your voice is soothing and has range. Thank you for sharing this. I think it would’ve been even better with just the guitar as accompaniment. Please we need a video and more songs. Very inspiring.

I thought it was great you stepped out and did that. It was very good. Important thing is you learn from it. Since you like playing music keep it up. Thanks for sharing it, and have a great weekend. Also, thx for helping us to inspired and motivated to keep going forward.

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