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Moving From Lack to Wealth in 5 Minutes

How to attract money using mind powerFrom time to time, we all find ourselves feeling apathetic or unconvinced of our own ability to generate great wealth and live the life of our dreams.

When your mind is properly tuned toward wealth accumulation, you’ll feel positive, powerful, and confident in your ability to reach the outcome you desire. But if you’re fixated on your current situation, your own mind can sabotage your progress, making you feel stuck, stagnant, and hopeless.

If you find yourself in need of a mindset shift, try this simple exercise to move you from worrying about your bills to feeling wealthy in about 5 minutes.

Relax and imagine you are breathing into your entire body, from the top of your head down to your toes. Bring in cleansing breaths and exhale all the tension, all the words, all the negativity. Just let it all go.

Change your focus from your head to your heart, and imagine what it feels like to actually be in your physical heart.

Now move your attention into your power center, about two inches above your belly button. This is the center of your being, your energy center, your emotional body. Feel what it’s like to be inside your power center right now.

Be present with whatever emotions are coming up for you right now. Don’t judge them; just be present with the emotions. As you’re present with them, they will start to release and dissipate.

Still focusing on your power center, experience what it would feel like to be abundant. Ask your higher self to show you the feeling of abundance. Allow that feeling of abundance to grow within you, filling up all of you and expanding outward into your entire field.

Whatever the feeling of abundance means for you in this moment, imagine you have a dial from 0 to 10.

Look at that dial and measure the intensity of abundance in your body right now. Where are you?

Now dial it up higher and see what it feels like to intensify the energy of abundance within you. Know that you are an energy generator and receiver, and you’re wired to tap into the energy of universal consciousness. Know that if there’s ever been a feeling that’s been felt before, you can tap into it and have it as your own experience any time you choose.

That’s why there is a part of you that already knows how to generate this abundance energy, even if you’ve never actually experienced the abundance you’re imagining.

Feel it and intensify it throughout your entire physical body. Let it go beyond your body and feel yourself filled with an aura of abundance that radiates out from you and into the universe.

Do this exercise daily, preferably when you first wake up and again just before you fall asleep.

Throughout the day, act and feel as an abundant person would. Look for what’s right and good. Look at problems as solutions-in-the-making. Keep your eyes open for the opportunities all around you.

Know that there is a limitless supply of everything and you have no competition, only collaborators.

Author: Veronica J. Kirchoff.

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