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What Money Worries? Find Out Which Meditation to Attract Money Works for You

moneyMore and more people are using meditation to attract money, and it’s no wonder. The economy has seen its better days, so money worries are on the rise, but people have been experiencing financial stress for as long as currency has existed! When left unattended to, these cash-related woes can cause intense anxiety and keep us from enjoying life. After all, it’s hard to smile when you’re working yourself to death to make ends meet—if you’re lucky to have a job at all, that is! No matter what your current financial situation is, though, you can free yourself from these debilitating worries. Meditation is free, so there’s no excuse not to take advantage of what may very well prove to be the solution you’ve been looking for. The first step is to find out which meditation to attract money works for you. Consider these three basic techniques.

Visualization Meditation to Attract Money

If you’ve meditated before, then you know the basic idea behind visualization—that is, to create an image or series of images in your mind’s eye with the intention of bringing about certain emotions. A visualization meditation to attract money consists of wealth-related images designed to provoke feelings of joy, confidence, and gratitude. These positive feelings related to money can replace some of the fears and negative emotions that prevent many people from achieving the financial success they so desperately want!

Affirmation Meditation to Attract Money

Money is a great thing, right? Everyone wants it, so why do so many of us have negative beliefs and feelings about money? It’s simple. Money is directly related to our survival, and many people link it to happiness as well, so it’s natural (though not productive) to experience anxiety over it. Moreover, some of us have deep-seeded self-esteem issues that make us feel as if we don’t deserve to be financially successful. That’s why positive affirmations can make a big difference. Think of it as re-programming your brain to think positively about money, and thus attract and embrace it into your life. Make one or more of the following affirmations your mantra, and repeat it to yourself at regular intervals throughout the day:

  • I am a money magnet.
  • Wealth comes easily to me.
  • I deserve abundance in my life.

Of course, you can make up your own affirmation to attract money. Just make it short, memorable, and most importantly, positive!

Clearing Meditation to Attract Money

One of the most important types of meditation to attract money is the clearing meditation. Clearing meditations help you purge any and all of the false beliefs you have about money that are keeping you from attracting abundance. The idea is to conjure up thoughts and images of money
and allow your mind to wander. As negative beliefs and wealth lies arise, you can practice watching these thoughts dissolve without responding to them and feeding them energy. Over time, these negative ideas about money will become subdued and eventually disappear, leaving you free to attract the wealth and abundance that you deserve.

Our society teaches us that to make money, you have to work hard. While there’s some truth to that of course, there’s also more to the equation. Sometimes, it’s necessary to quiet your mind, evaluate your thoughts, and take control over your feelings about money, rather than letting them control you and your financial circumstances.

What meditations do you use to attract wealth? Let us hear from you in the comments section. And, be sure to spread the wealth by sharing this article with friends—there’s plenty to go around!

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Hi Melissa,
I like the way you clearly lay out these three types of meditation and relate them to money.
I’m thinking you could put them all together into a sequence, as well. Visualize, clear what comes up, affirm what you desire. . .
Thanks for your article!

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