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Powerful Money Meditation: 3 Secrets Of Meditation To Attract Money!

using meditation to attract moneyUsing meditation to attract money (a.k.a. “money meditation”) can produce astonishing results — but only when you use it wisely.  

Here’s the real problem — how can you think and feel positive about money when the bills are piling up and you’re not even sure how to make ends meet? Sound familiar?

Listen: Before you attempt to use a money meditation to attract money, there’s a secret you need to know before you make a bad situation even worse. Here goes: the worse you feel about your money problems, the worse they will become. Sounds too cruel to be true, right? It’s not.  Once you let money worries overtake your thoughts and feelings, they begin to compound on each other. Everyone has heard of the law of attraction and this is exactly how it works.  The solution?

Learn to be happy despite your financial difficulties and watch as things begin to improve almost effortlessly. I know it can be hard to smile when your bank account is dwindling and you’ve got debtors knocking on your door, so I want to share some of the secrets of money meditation to attract money — tips to help you feel better and attract money in style:

1. Use Your “Money Meditation” To Focus on What You Want, Not What You Don’t Have!

When you’re having money worries, it’s hard to focus your attention on anything but your crummy situation. Along with the stress of trying to dig yourself out of the financial pit you’ve found yourself in, you’re likely to be susceptible to self-pity and negative thought patterns during this time as well. You’ll probably ask yourself “Why me?” on more than one occasion, and you may even come up with some self-defeating answers to that question as well, either consciously or otherwise. In your lowest moments, you may even tell yourself that you’re a failure or that you simply don’t deserve wealth and abundance.

Financial stress can wreak havoc on the psyche, so be on guard for these self-inflicted mental attacks whenever you find your bank account lacking. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, the best way to deal with this is to allow yourself to dream about what you want in life rather than dwelling on what you don’t have. Whether it’s a comfortable house minus the mortgage or the financial freedom to retire early, allow your imagination to focus on the gifts you deserve. You must see what you desire clearly and with passion!

If you ever have trouble visualizing, often a good visualization or guided money meditation can work wonders. Try the “Future Visioning Technique” featured in this video — simply create a crystal clear image of your most exciting goal (whether it be an avalanche of cash, your ideal relationship or a super-fit body) and then feel like it has already happened. This will boost your spirits and keep you on track towards your goals!

2. Practice Self-Affirmations While Doing Your Meditation To Attract Money!

Since money worries can put a major dent in your self-esteem, be sure to employ one of the most effective ways of using meditation to attract money —self-affirmations. Find a comfortable place to sit, clear your mind of any financial issues you may be dealing with, and focus on these simple but powerful affirmations:

o Abundance is all around me.
o I attract money easily and effortlessly.
o I am a magnet for wealth and abundance.
o I am confident, capable, and independent.

3. Maintain a Healthy Balance!

If you’re having a hard time paying the bills or saving for a rainy day, then your first instinct may be that you need to work harder. While clocking a few extra hours will definitely pay off in the short-term, be mindful of the long-term consequences as well. Burn-out is a very real thing, and if you neglect your health or personal development, then you’ll actually become less productive over the long run. Be sure that you’re making time for daily meditation and exercise.

When all else fails, sometimes practicing money meditation just doesn’t work.  Often, that’s because there are limiting feelings, beliefs and bad programming getting in the way. telling you that you can’t do it.  If you feel inside that something may be blocking you, then try our free instant release technique.  It will help you release whatever is preventing you from successfully using meditation to attract money.  The instant release technique is free for our community and you can get it here.

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I picture myself a millionaire. Sometimes I have this feeling Iam one deep inside, when I get these feelings I get goose bumps ecerywhere and i feel more happy and alive. To some this may seem like a joke, but I will be a millionaire, I can feel it in my soul

More and more people are using meditation to attract money and that is no wonder. Some of us have deep self-esteem issues that make us feel as if we don’t deserve to be financially successful. That’s why positive affirmation can make a big difference.

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