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Manifesting Money Step by Step

woman-holding-moneyManifesting money is unlike manifesting anything else. That’s because money is, energetically speaking, neutral. It is a medium of exchange, nothing more. So when manifesting money, the true key is manifesting the life we want as a result of receiving money!

Here is the process to manifesting money, step by step:

1. Decide on a dollar amount you want to manifest within the next month. Be specific. It is important to stay within your current belief system when choosing the amount of money to manifest. The amount you come up with might be slightly improbable, but cannot appear impossible to you. Otherwise, your subconscious mind will not cooperate with the money manifesting process.

2. Decide how the money you want to manifest will change your life. The transformation could be very small, such as going out to dinner a bit more often. Or it could be a big transformation, such as changing careers.

3. As much as you can, every day, start living the transformation you want the money to bring into your life. If your money is about traveling, start taking small day trips. Or even simply work from a coffee shop instead of your office one afternoon a week. The point is to change locations. If your money is about being debt-free, wrap up loose ends on any projects you have in your life. Follow through on half-forgotten promises, return ignored phone calls, write those thank-you notes you’ve been meaning to get around to.

By creating more of what you want in the present moment, you will actually begin manifesting the money that is intended to create transformation in your life.

4. If new opportunities arise, take them … even if they don’t seem obviously connected to manifesting money. As you begin working with new energies in your life, you will attract new avenues of income that align with your money intention.

By following these simple steps, manifesting money can become something you do with great consciousness and ease!

Author Bio: Andrea Hess is a money-manifesting expert and financial alchemist who assists her highly conscious clients in creating the financial abundance they want! To find out more about manifesting money visit her website at

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