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Manifesting Checklist: 6 Keys for Setting Intentions That Actually Happen!

Following on from Kevin’s post yesterday titled “Manifesting a NEW Reality? Here’s Your All-Important First Step!“…

moneyWe’re getting questions about HOW to best word your intention…. for maximum manifesting impact! In other words…

HOW do you set up your intention so it can flow to you more easily? No point in sabotaging your dreams due to bad wording, is there? 🙂

I’m sooooo glad you asked….

Because that’s exactly what I covered in this new video titled: “6 Keys For Setting Intentions That Actually Happen!

Don’t be fooled — this is a powerful go-to checklist you can use anytime to make sure your intentions are set up correctly.

Key #6 (at time-stamp 6:29) is probably the most powerful and under-utilized of all. Grab yourself a pen and paper and ENJOY CREATING your dreams with this! 🙂

For the NOW you prefer,

– Matt “Manifesting-It-Faster” Clarkson 🙂
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