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Light Up Others’ Lives to Open Yourself to Abundance

Couple Working in Homeless ShelterThe past few weeks I have found myself meditating on a TV commercial. Sounds crazy, I know. But sometimes truth sneaks up on us from surprising places. My mind keeps returning to the words of the ad. Not because of what it says about its products, but what it says about life.

You may have seen it. It begins, “This is it. This is what matters.” And they are right. They are talking about giving value, making a contribution, changing people’s lives. It also demonstrates how we attract money by what we give.

The ad is about identity, about what gives us character, and defines who we are. It is about giving so much to the creation of something that we can sign our names to it, and forever tie our lives to what our creation means. The ad is “Designed by Apple, in California.”

The greater message goes far beyond any particular product. For that matter, “I’m a PC,” but I have to admire Apple, Inc. for so much that they stand for. Imagine if every action we took in our lives began with us asking, “Who will this help? Will it make life better?”

The text of the ad asks the questions. The faces give the answer. They are faces filled with wonder, and joy. People are listening, learning, connecting, or having fun. It is an often neglected side of commerce, but products we sell for money can light up people’s lives. Of course that is what advertising is all about, but the next time you listen to music on an iPod, tell me if it’s not true.

Giving value is essential if you want to attract money into your life. Still, much of what makes life abundant has nothing to do with money. It is the return you get in your own joy and fulfillment. It is that wonderful feeling that you did something that mattered. That you left your mark.

Abundance can come in the tiniest moments. When a child blows out the candles on a cake you made, and dives with both hands into its gooey wonder. When you are moving, and buried in boxes and dust, there is no one on earth who brings more value than the pizza delivery guy. And every bite tastes like a blessing.

But, as Steve Jobs, and countless others have shown us, giving value, with your whole heart, can also attract money and immense abundance into our lives. When Rhonda Byrne first created The Secret, she writes that she was inspired by two classic books on the law of attraction. In one of those, The Science of Getting Rich, author Wallace D. Wattles wrote, “Give every man more in value than you take from him in cash value; then you are adding to the life of the world in every business transaction.”

Or, as Jesus said, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Does it matter that we give to add value, rather than thinking of what we get in return? Well, according to Apple, “it means everything.”

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