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Learn How To Attract Money With These Wealth Strategies

wealthyIf you need to know how to attract abundance, here are 3 techniques that are so simple you can start attracting wealth just like the money gurus.

Strategy #1: How To Attract Money With Wealth Affirmations

Affirmations are true and positive statements a person makes about him or herself. Now it’s time to put the power of the affirmation to work for you and your bank account. Write down statements about how to attract money. Wealth affirmations can be broad, like “The universe is abundant and will share its wealth with me,” or they can be very specific, such as “I will make money on the sale of my house.” Build the right mindset by reviewing the wealth affirmations every day.

Strategy #2: How To Attract Money With Wealth Visualization

Research shows that visualization can improve psychological and physical reactions. In fact, professional athletes, such as Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky, have used visualization to reach the pinnacle of their respective sports.

Boost the power of your wealth visualization by using your other senses. Imagine, for example, the crispness of a hundred dollar bill in your hand or the smell of the ocean wafting into your new beach property. A wealth visualization can also include an image of the joy on your spouse’s face when you tell him or her you’re whisking them away to a secluded weekend getaway.

Strategy #3: How To Attract Money With Wealth Meditations

Meditation has been used for centuries by religious practitioners to focus the mind. More recent scientific research findings support meditation’s role in changing the body, mind, and spiritĀ – that’s why if you need to know how to attract money, wealth meditations should be on your go-to strategy list.

Never meditated before? Don’t worry – wealth meditations are super-simple.

Find a quiet spot. Shut the office door, banish the kids to the playroom, or sit alone in the car for a few minutes in the mall parking lot.

Take slow and even breaths. By slowing your respiration, you’ll put your body into the relaxed state it needs to more easily accept wealth-building opportunities.

Focus on how to attract money. Don’t think about the job you hate or the huge credit card bill you just received. Use a combination of wealth affirmations and wealth visualizations to create a money magnet mindset.

You can attract wealth and abundance to your life if you start incorporating these easy techniques into your daily routine. Don’t wait one minute longer to learn how to attract abundance.

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