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How to Master Your Wealth Today

moneyIf you want true financial security, it’s not enough anymore to be a millionaire – you’ve got to be a multimillionaire. So how do you join the ranks of the 1%?

Here’s an interesting thought: Self made multi-millionaires are confused by people who aren’t rich. They don’t understand why you can’t do the very same things they do – and they’re right, you can.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to creating great wealth is the mindset. If you believe that money is limited, or evil, or that rich people are bad, then you’ll never get rich yourself.

But if you can focus on abundance, if you can create a clear picture of where you’re going, and if you can feel satisfied with what you have right here and right now, then you can achieve wealth.

Try these 6 tips to start thinking like a multimillionaire and master your wealth today.

1. Make a firm decision to be a multimillionaire. Your first step is making that firm decision and then reaffirming that decision several times a day. See yourself rich, feel yourself rich, be rich in your heart and mind. The decision is where it all starts, and this is the first step to mastering your wealth.

2. You must lose the poverty thinking. No matter what you were taught about money being evil or scarce, you’ve got to let go of those beliefs once and for all. Abundance is all around you when you open yourself to it. Like attracts like, so if you’re thinking poverty, you’ll just get more poverty.

3. Continuously think of your multimillionaire status as real. Since you can’t hold two opposing thoughts at the same time, if you’re thinking about how little money you have, then you’re not thinking about becoming wealthy. You’ve got to feel abundance throughout your entire body. Both your mind and body must become accustomed to the feeling of abundance and wealth. Meditation combined with visualization is a great way to achieve this state. One rather jocular but effective mantra is “I am already a multimillionaire; my bank account is just catching up.”

4. Stepping stones are okay. In fact, they’re great. Some of the biggest obstacles people face on their way to becoming wealthy are those 5-, 6-, and 7-figure “walls,” but the fact is you have to start somewhere. If that means getting your first $10 day and working up from there, so be it. Most self-made millionaires began with one small step on their journey and then simply never stopped growing and moving ahead.

5. It’s not just money, it’s also something else. For most people, money symbolizes something, or enables you to do some particular thing. It might be making a difference, proving yourself, living up to your potential, making the world a better place, or leaving a legacy. If your sole focus is the money, you’ll find that all the money in the world won’t make you happy. But if you have other goals beyond the money, being rich can make you happy indeed.

6. Get yourself some millionaires. They say you are the average of the people you spend the most time with, and that includes the average of your income. So find wealthy people to spend your time with, whether you know them personally or just read their blogs and books.

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Author Bio: Often holding multiple positions within the organizations she’s owned and managed over the last 18 years, Veronica J. Kirchoff has attained 14 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience, 13 years of web and graphic design experience, 7 years of writing and editing experience, 6 years of advertising and marketing experience, and 5 years of e-commerce development experience.

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