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How to Attract Money Fast

How to attract money fastWhen you see book titles about how to attract money fast, do you tend to wrinkle up your nose? Do imagine voodoo magic mumbo jumbo about money falling from the sky? Well, what if you heard the same advice from a renowned financial expert?

Before author Suze Orman became a stock broker and money advisor, she writes that she had trouble finding the confidence that she would ever overcome her family’s limited means. She found a mentor who believed in her abilities, but she also had to learn to believe in herself. And before she could attract money, she says she had to remake her whole attitude about money and its place in her life.

Orman writes that she had to stop seeing herself living in lack. She needed to respect money and feel gratitude for the abundance that already existed in her life. So she devised a sort of mantra of her own, “I have more money than I will ever need.” And she repeated it to herself, before she gained financial success.

First, let go of lack.

The idea of lack pops up in all our lives. Whenever we think about money, the natural response seems to be to fixate on not having enough. We worry, we fret, we complain about the economy, or we feel we just can’t get a break.

And when we focus our thinking on anything, we attract more of it into our lives. If all we can think about is our lack of money, then that is what we perpetuate all around us.

“You’ve got to believe …”

In the biographical film “Believe,” comedian and actor Eddie Izzard relates that while he was still a street performer he used to tell himself, “you’ve got to believe you’re an astronaut before you can be an astronaut. You’ve got to believe you’re a comedian before you can be a comedian.” And he became what he believed.

The key here is “believe before” anything can happen. And that kind of believing can be hard. Instead we look around and say “the fact is, I am poor,” or fat, or clumsy, or a victim, or whatever negative thing is paramount in our lives.

So forget the so-called “facts.” None of us really knows what the facts will be one minute from now. Yet we act as if our present condition is cast in stone. And we cannot attract money if deep down we don’t believe anything will ever change.

Relax and believe in the abundance of life. When we feel lack, we can feel anxiety and fear. We tighten up. We feel stressed, and can be overcome with negative emotions. When we feel secure, we relax and breathe more deeply.

But we all have the ability to believe a new reality, and we can make the decision to relax first. If we feel like we are deceiving ourselves to feel abundant right now, we can at least tell ourselves how good we’ll feel as a better life unfolds.

It’s time to stop wandering in the desert. One of the greatest stories about the faith in abundance comes from the book of Exodus. When Moses and his followers were wandering in the desert, we are told the Lord fed them every day with mana from heaven. Something they neither worked for nor earned.

But God warned them not to store up left-overs. The shelf life of mana was nil. Trying to hoard this gift would cause the Hebrews to dwell on their fear of lack, instead of on faith that their God would provide. And the fear of lack would cut them off from the abundance they already had.

We can rise above our history. The Exodus story should remind us that none of us are alone in worrying about not having enough. It’s an ancient fear. But it also reminds us that there are blessings all around us. If the “mana” we need is money, then the faster we realize all the blessings that we already have, and shift our thinking to gratitude, the faster we can attract money into our lives.

Take action from a point of abundance. Once you feel the gratitude, then step out and take some action toward a better life. Nothing else will happen until you do. Some financial blessings come in the form of opportunities, and they need action to come alive. If you get turned down for one opportunity, another may come as a surprise.

Believe you have everything you need today, give thanks and take action, and you’ll be on your way to attract money fast.

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