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2 Secrets For Financial Security And Peace Of Mind

financial securityThe financial landscape seems to have shifted.  That job that once seemed secure feels tenuous at best.  Maybe the money you have saved is ebbing away.  You might feel stuck in debt or worried that you might be there someday in the not far-off future.  In the past few years, you’ve tightened up your finances.  And, then, tightened them up some more.   Yet, you still see no relief in sight.

Where you once had bigger dreams of what you wanted for your life, now finances seem more pressing.  It’s not that you don’t still have those dreams, they just seem farther off.  Given these circumstances, short of winning the lottery, how do you find financial security and peace of mind?  Are these things even possible anymore?

Now, you’ve probably been trying some positive things to take you to a better place financially and in your mind.  You’ve thought good thoughts of abundance. You’ve set intentions and imagined great possibilities.  You may have planned your new business venture.  You may even be out there doing that business, but maybe it just hasn’t taken off the way you had planned—or the way the self-help books and gurus told you it would.  Because of that, you might feel done with the Law of Attraction and all those “cutting-edge” techniques you’ve tried.

Have the rules changed?  Are times just harder?  What’s the real road to financial security and peace of mind?

Here are two things I’ve learned from the many times I’ve felt like this.  These instantly help me shift to a better place and take effective actions when I feel stuck and stressed about money.

1. My peace of mind is not dependent on anything outside of me—not money, circumstances, relationships—nothing.  Nothing outside gives me peace of mind that is deep, real, and lasting.  Deep inside, in my Core, underneath all circumstances, results and conditions, is a part of me that is eternally relaxed, calm, and peaceful.  This part of me rests in God, is connected to all of Life, and knows what to do.

When I access this part of me and live from there, I instantly feel that everything is all right.  When I’m not in that place, that thought sounds crazy and naïve.  When I come from there it makes perfect sense.

2. Financial security comes from contribution.  The Core part of me knows I am here to contribute something of worth, something helpful and valuable to others, something that is needed in the situations and relationships in which I find myself.  When I focus on and discover the contribution I am inspired to give, I immediately shift to a different perspective.

I understand that sharing what I have to offer, contributing the resources, skills, time, and energy that I have, is the basis of being in the flow of the economy.  It is the basis of feeling connected, purposeful, and alive.  It’s the basis of being in the abundant flow of resources.

When we give, we receive.  And when we focus on what we do have, give from that, and gratefully receive what we are given in return, we no longer feel stuck.  We discover that the peace within us is carried out into our financial affairs.  We realize that the key to financial security is valuing what we already have and sharing it with those who can benefit from it.

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