Attract Money Meditation Methods

Did you ACTUALLY DO these financial clearing meditations?

Jar of MoneyTwo things, real quick…

1. We’ve now had a healthy response to our new “financial freedom”  meditation journey video. It seems there were some technical issues,  but we’ve tweaked the video quite a bit — we’ve made it even MORE  helpful to you in clearing your financial blocks and stress!

IMPORTANT: We’ve designed this video to help you do deep financial  clearing WHILE YOU WATCH. So even if you don’t buy Kevin’s awesome  “Core Meditations For Financial Freedom,” I promise you’ll REALLY benefit just by watching this. The video will not only help dissolve  ALL your blocks and stress around money, it will also help you get  CLEAR on what you want to attract and feel AWESOME. Don’t make the  mistake of thinking “yeah whatever”. Watching this is a benefit  to YOU. Watch here —

2. Last week, you’ll recall I said that we were looking for a small  group to take part in a trial of our new program. I said that this  means getting the program for a BIG discount in exchange for a little  feedback. Well… Last week was soooo crazy, I don’t think I actually made it clear  that “THIS IS IT”. In other words, THIS is your opportunity to get  the program with MASSIVE savings of 50%. (All we ask is that you  answer a two-minute survey in a few weeks’ time and let us know  your feedback, if you don’t mind). And there’s more…

We’ve added some really cool bonus meditations for clearing and  wealth manifesting that we think you’ll love. (You can actually  listen to them live at the link below.) AND the program comes  with our 60 day “financially free or money back” guarantee. So  what are you waiting for? You need to be quick because…


We’ve had a great response so far this week and we’ll be closing  down the “new release special” in a few days’ time. Depending on  what’s happening with our mailing schedule, this may well be the  final warning you receive.

Now this may be your final opportunity to grab a copy of “Core  Meditations For Financial Freedom” before the price goes way up.  Full details, sample the meditations and save big here:

And thanks for all your support 😉

Until next time!


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