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Be Happy With Money To Experience More

wealthyBeing happy is vital. It’s so important to enjoy life fully. Money is a part of that. After all money is the exchange used to acquire food, shelter, transportation, travel and other fluffy enjoyable things. Money is neither good or bad. It’s energy, just like everything else. It’s gotten a bad rap over the years due to some people wanting to use it to control the masses and keep all the money and good stuff to themselves. Today we are moving into a new experience with money and a deeper understanding of how it is a natural part of every day life.

Whether you exchange paper, digits, beads, or product, the idea is the same. There’s nothing woo woo about the idea of exchanging one thing for another thing. Cluttering up the works are a lot of beliefs about money, having money, so that money plays hide and seek with you. Today play a little game to better understand how energy works. Notice everything around you and the abundance of it all. There is only abundance. Once you open your eyes to notice you see the world in a fresh way. No matter what you look at there is an abundance of it.

Make a mental note of your reaction to all the abundance you see. What are you noticing the most of? When you understand that what you are paying attention to the most is what keeps showing up for you to notice, you’ll have one of those AHA moments. Now begin paying attention to all the stuff that you would totally enjoying interacting with. Once you start playing this game you’ll see that car or handbag you desire everywhere. Don’t just notice it either. Get happy about it. Celebrate the abundance of what you see and realize that it’s there for you.

Now apply this technique to money. Notice how much of the stuff there is. It’s everywhere. There is no end to the amount of money circulating on this planet. Now it’s time to get your dancing shoes on. If there is only abundance, and that’s the truth, then there is an abundance of money and everything else that you would enjoy interacting with. Celebrate that. By noticing and rejoicing in what you desire to experience you are already in that experience. Keep that sacred space for it to appear and continue to celebrate the truth that it already exists.

Get happy about money, celebrate the abundance all around you. The more you notice and do the happy dance the more money, love, relationships and everything else will materialize for your experiencing pleasure.

Author Bio: Donna DeVane teaches self empowerment through blogs, articles, kindle, print, audio books as well as weekly radio broadcasts and videos. Her delight is sharing the dance of joy with the world. The more dancers the merrier. To find out more visit her website Be sure to leave her a comment her and on her website. She giggles with delight when people share with her.

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