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7 Easy Ways to Attract Money

How to attract money using mind powerYou don’t need to work hard for money. You can attract money easily by using mind power. Some action will be required to receive the money but the raw power of thought is what attracts fortunes.

By thought you attract whatever you desire. By acting you receive it.

The majority believe that action is what brings fortunes. Attempting to outwork the other guy usually brings stress, strain, and in some cases an early grave. Use your mind and money will be happy to follow you.

These methods to attract money are easy. They don’t require 18 hour days. They don’t require interacting with anybody. The only prerequisite is taking the time to do what I tell you to do.

1. Tithe

Giving 10% of your salary to a source of spiritual encouragement can result in a hundredfold increase.

Never mistake the Source of your wealth with the channels. Many make the error of thinking that they’re giving to a church or their pastor so they refuse to tithe. The recipient is the source of spiritual guidance, who happens to be God. You’re giving to Spirit. God loves prayers but he also takes checks. When you recognize Source with money you receive more money. This is one of the reasons why J.D. Rockefeller became the wealthiest man in history. He tithed and gave away over half of his fortune to philanthropic endeavors. Adjusted to modern day standards Rockefeller would be worth over a quarter of a trillion dollars. Yes, Trillion.

2. Bless Money

That which is blessed increases. Spend time blessing what you have to receive more. Reach into your wallet, pull out the greenbacks, and bless it. Feel excited about the increase of your money.

Say something to the effect that you bless your money and look forward to it’s increase now. Feel the truth of the statement. Blessing always increases the flow of good.

3. Spend Money Freely

Give freely, receive generously. Holding on to money or giving begrudgingly stops the flow of money to you. Spend money freely to attract money.

Don’t be stingy with the universe. Money is meant to be spent. Money which isn’t in circulation is white paper with green print. It’s useless. When you spend money never fear that you won’t have enough. This feeling sends a signal of poverty to the universe which gladly answers your wish.

Cheap-skates remain cheap-skates. People with plenty of money but afraid to lose it all aren’t wealthy. They can’t enjoy their money since they feel the need to continually work harder to make more.

In the same respect some people make millions doing what they love to do. They don’t fear losing money so they continue to make more.

4. Visualize Yourself with More Money

Your imagination predicts the future. Use it on an hourly basis. See yourself doing what rich people do. Live on the estate. Cruise around the ritzy local in your Enzo Ferrari. Shop at the finest stores. You must see these things and believe that they are real before you can experience them.

5. Give to Charity

Give to those in need and you’ll never want. Don’t give for tax purposes alone. Your feelings are the great attractive or repelling force in your life. If you look out for you, don’t expect anybody else to do the same. Give freely.

6. Take Care of Your Cash

Fold your dollar bills. Order your wallet. If you treat money the right way money will be happy to make its way to you.

Most money is treated horribly. It’s tattered, torn, and shoved into a wallet like it’s a hot potato. Money won’t feel comfortable around you until you feel comfortable around it.

Are you the type of person who takes money from a grocery store cashier and shoves it hurriedly into their wallet? Calmly walk to the end of the cashier’s station, straighten out your dollar bills, and place them neatly into your wallet.

I often get stares from people when doing this but quickly remind myself that they’re probably not billionaires. When it comes to matters of money watch who you’re influenced by.

7. Appreciate Your Money

Take the time to express gratitude for the money you possess. Whatever you appreciate, appreciates. This is because seeing the good in something brings more of that thing to you. It’s the law of gratitude. See good, receive good.

Money is freedom in green pants. It allows you to do more, have more, and be more. Learn to attract money with ease so you can get more out of life.

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