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5 Surefire Ways for Manifesting Abundance

woman-holding-moneyManifesting abundance is a way of life. Although we may think of abundance as financial prosperity, it encompasses much more. True abundance comes from inside you. To live in abundance, we start with becoming abundant in the area of our choosing.

Simply, Manifesting abundance = manifestation + abundance.

      Manifestation = bringing forth your desires through focused energy
    Abundance = having more than enough

All you have to do is focus your energy on having more than enough of your desire.

How Manifesting Abundance Works

“All attainment is realized”

When you focus on abundance, you are realizing that you are already there.

You begin to act in ways that attract what you want in your life.

Your feedback confirms your realization, you do more of it and the cycle continues.

If you are not living in abundance one way, then it is time to break the cycle.


5 Surefire Ways to Manifesting Abundance

1. Envisioning the Abundant Qualities

It is important to embody the abundance in your desires to attract that abundance in your life. Know your desires and then search for the abundant qualities of your desire. When you find your qualities, align with those qualities and become it and make it a part of you. It is the qualities that attract the abundance in your life. When you develop those qualities, you manifest abundance unconsciously. Write down all the traits and the abundant qualities you think are required for your abundant desires. Envision your abundant self. See in your mind’s eye what your envisioned self looks like, feels like, what environment, and how you act. Enjoy the sensation of being abundant with confidence.

2. Attitude of Gratitude

When you have gratitude, life flows in you and your manifestation becomes easier. If you have more than enough without gratitude, then you’ll always fear of what you will lose, manifesting what you don’t want. Have gratitude on what you have and what you will have. Find something everyday, at least one thing, that you can give your gifts of gratitude to the world.

3. Live Healthily

The people who are abundant all live healthy lives, taking care of their mind, body and spirit. The more energy you have, the more you are able to do more. This means more energy to manifest the abundance in your life. The basics are important. Here are the common ways to increase your energy. When the body is well, so is the mind. When the mind is well, so is the abundance that flows into your life.

  • Get sun, especially at sunrise and sunset
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Get some sleep
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Having stable emotions and mind

4. The Child’s Imagination and Curiosity

What children have that keeps them full of energy and abundance is that their mind is in “awe” at the world. The greatest mind of all time uses their curiosity to achieve great things. It is, after all, the experience of being the born explorers we are. Watch a young child play and you’ll find that they approach new experiences with curiosity because they haven’t learnt the concept of failure yet. When you are in curiosity, there is no failure but an opportunity to learn. There is no lack, only abundance.

5. Acting abundantly

Act as if you have abundance and present in all your actions. Do you remember having an extra copy of something you don’t need? You are willing to give because you have so much of it. Act as if you are already there. If you are not manifesting abundance, ask yourself: “why am I so full of abundance?” “Why am I filled with so much gratitude?” This sounds counterintuitive, but the right question will attract you the right answer. Manifesting abundance is about experiencing the abundance in your life and realizing your abundant self.

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