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4 Tips to Attract Money Easily Using the Law of Attraction

How to attract money using mind powerMoney can be attracted without stress and strain. The easiest way to attract money is to use the power of the mind. This ensures that your acts will be inspired, and inspired action causes positive attraction.

The law of attraction dictates that mind rules man. When the mind is properly directed it’s easy to attract money.

Follow these 4 tips to attract money using the law of attraction.

Visualize Yourself With More Money

The power of the visualizing faculty is immense. By seeing yourself and believing yourself to be in the possession of increased amounts of money the universe brings more money to you. See something in your mind, believe it to be true, and it’s on the way. This is the all important belief factor of the law of attraction.

Do the things which you’d do with more money in the mind’s eye. Feel the freedom which you’d experience. The feelings are the key. Feeling wealthy creates wealth.

Feeling wealthy attract wealthy ideas and ultimately the wealth itself.

Bless The Money Which You Possess

Blessing something tells the universe to send more. That which is blessed increases. Remove the money in your wallet. Touch it, feel it, celebrate it. Bless it and expect more to arrive now.

Speak out loud: “I bless all that I have and look with awe and wonder at the money on the way.” Go ahead, do it right now. Say it 10 times with FEELING!

Spend Freely

I don’t mean to spend outside of your means. I advocate that you spend with joy. Enjoy the money which you use. It’s a gift. By spending freely a signal is sent out to the universe via the law of attraction that you are a prosperous person. Prosperous people attract money with ease.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a dime or $30,000,000.00, if you feel awesome spending the money you’ll attract more. The universe doesn’t know big or small. It simply responds to your predominant vibration.


God appreciates prayers but He also takes check. By recognizing the source of wealth with a financial gift you receive more wealth. Some people who tithe receive a hundredfold increase.

Whether you give 10% or a few dollars to a source of spiritual support is not important. The feelings generated as you gift are what counts. Give freely and you receive freely. Be stingy and the universe is stingy with you.

Money Is A Form Of Energy

According to the law of attraction everything in the universe is a form of energy. Money is not immune to this law. The amount of money which you attract is in direct proportion to your feelings about it. Feel poor, attract poverty. Feel wealthy, attract wealth.

18 hour days of endless toil are for suckers. Use the law of attraction and prosper today.

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