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3 Questions to Ask If Manifesting Isn’t Working For You!

Does the “law of attraction” really work… and if so, can it work better for YOU?

You’ve probably heard tales of how top athletes use visualization to achieve peak performance. Maybe you’ve heard how a cancer patient imagined powerful immune cells gobbling up cancer cells and was cured. Or you saw on “The Secret” how it’s possible to use images of what you desire to manifest your dreams into reality.

If you’ve investigated further, you’ve learned that there are two keys to using imagery successfully:

1. Create vivid images of what you desire using all your senses, and

2. Step into those images and really FEEL the experience “AS IF” you are living it right now.

Using these two powerful steps creates the mental-emotional, mind-body, neural networks that prime you for having similar experiences in real life! This helps you notice opportunities, inspires actions, and attracts what you want to you.

Now, some people have used these two steps and complain that they just don’t work. Their images just don’t seem to work out in real life. This is often because of three common manifesting obstacles. In this article, you’ll learn three questions you can ask to use these obstacles to move forward!

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A. Your desire might not match a real need.

Life supports our real needs and imagery works best when aligned with those real needs. We may have many desires that actually aren’t aligned with what is truly best for us.

Our minds can imagine virtually anything and we can get quite excited about and attached to what we imagine—even when having it wouldn’t give us what we are really looking for deep down in our soul. In these cases, all the imagery and positive feeling in the world may not bring those experiences to us. Life knows better and is protecting us from unaligned parts of ourselves!

So, if you find your imagined experiences remaining unfulfilled, ask yourself “What is my real need in this situation?”

B. The timing isn’t right yet.

There may be something blocking the fulfillment of a particular need. Something needs to be learned, healed, or gained first. Some things take a long time to come to fruition—and that time is important for deep insight, growth, and the gathering of resources.

As you look back on other things that have come to fruition in your life, were there any obstacles, detours, or roadblocks that led you to learn something new, meet someone new, grow as a person, or gather resources that wouldn’t have come about without that challenge?

So, if your imagined experience seems to be moving forward real slowly and taking a long time, ask yourself “What do I need to learn, heal, or gather before this experience can come into full expression?

C. The result comes in a different form than expected.

Sometimes we envision specific ways that we want an experience to happen, but it would actually be better for it to happen another way. In other words, it would be better if we experienced what we need in a different form.

For example, you may think of yourself in a specific job, but there is actually a job that suits your skills and temperament even better than the one you imagined.

Or you imagine yourself with a certain kind of person, but that kind of person actually brings out qualities in you that it’s time to grow out of. Another person would actually be better for a soul-supporting relationship.

Life wants to bring you what is best for you, in the best form.

So, see if you can notice what might really work for you, not just what you think is best, or what you are used to. Sometimes preconceptions can get in your way. See if it’s possible to be open to the opportunity available in “what is actually happening” rather than remaining fixed on how you think things “should be.”

Ask yourself, “What is the best form for this experience that will bring out the best in me?”

When you gain insight into your real need, appreciate that time and growth are important, and are paying attention to notice opportunities that bring out the best in you, then you can use the inner skills of manifestation powerfully and effectively.

Enjoy your practice!

-Kevin Schoeninger
The Mind-Body Training Company

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