About Us

Welcome – my name is Matt Clarkson, and I founded ClearYourStress.com to help you experience profound peace of mind in every area of your life, and to put the most powerful tools of transformation on the planet in your hands!

I went through a lot growing up — a major illness, deep depression, and debilitating anxiety — so the primary motivation throughout my 20s and 30s has been learning how to get my stress cleared out and resolved for good.

It’s been a long road and for the last 20+ years I’ve trained extensively in many self-growth techniques. I’ve also certified in a wide range of healing modalities and tools for accelerated human change. Some work infinitely better than others, and I hope to accelerate your transformation while saving you as a lot of the heartache and wasted time I went through.

What I’ve learned through sweat, blood, and tears, is that the clearing out of all forms of stress happens according to certain essential principles. Learn these and everything gets easier. This is exactly what we’re going to cover together in my “How To Clear Anything In 7 Days!” series — the essential insights and techniques that allow the deepest inner clearing to happen for you naturally, easily and rapidly.

Once you’ve completed this foundational training, then I suggest moving on to explore our full training curriculum. You’ll learn powerful practices to raise your personal energy, create lasting wealth and purpose in your life, while enjoying the most fulfilling relationships imaginable. I also provide coaching in these areas if you prefer the most accelerated track and/or feel drawn to work with me personally.

Please enjoy what this site has to offer, and feel free to get in touch if we can assist you further.

– Matt Clarkson