FREE “Maximize Your Wellness” 7-Day Challenge! (Here’s how we defeat the coronavirus!)

What if… the true antidote to coronavirus is for each of us to practice our wellness and connection to Source?! 🙂

Today I’m thrilled to invite you to our totally new (and free) offering: “Maximize Your Wellness.”  The 7-Day Challenge is designed to strengthen your vital energy, immunity, and connection to your Source within.  See everything and join us here:

Join The Free “Maximize Your Wellness” 7-Day Challenge!

The best part?

Complete the Challenge successfully and you WIN free unrestricted access to the course AFTER 7 days, so you can repeat it whenever you like! (Value $250!)

How does it work?

Each Daily Session consists of energized breathing, light movement, and guided meditation and lasts no more than 30-60 minutes.  All you have to do is “show up” every day and follow along as best you can.  After each Daily Session, you must mark it “complete” BEFORE the page expires.  Do this for 7 consecutive days and you WIN.

Ready to feel good?

The question is, how GOOD can you feel in the next 10 minutes?  And how good can you feel in 7 days from now?

Join us – jump on board here:

Join The Free “Maximize Your Wellness” 7-Day Challenge!

Even if you don’t win the Challenge, these sessions will get you feeling WONDERFUL in no time at all.

We hope you enjoy it, 

~ Matthew & Christina
The Mind-Body Training Company

PS. Do share this with your family,  friends, and those you care about. 🙂 Join The Free “Maximize Your Wellness” 7-Day Challenge!


“ReleasingFest: The Money Course” – Get your Free Pass today

These are difficult times — I want to make sure you receive this important information and support…

The free ReleasingFest Money Course event from Learning Strategies just started. Because you’re a valued client or friend, you can do “The Money Course” with my compliments during the event (July 13-17). What is it exactly?

This is a 12-session “releasing” series originally presented as a live teleseminar with one of my favorite teachers, Hale Dwoskin. I’ve been working with this method for nearly 20 years and have found it to be one of the easiest, most powerful, and most important. You’ll explore how “letting go” can help to quickly create wealth, success, and inner peace. These tools will help you feel more positive about everything in life, not just finances, which can only be a wonderful thing. 🙂

Read your invitation and be sure to claim your free pass here before this powerful free event expires on July 17. (After landing on the page, scroll down a bit to see the invitation from Hale.)