How to Release Stress to Promote Self-Healing

When you aren’t feeling well, what comes to mind first?  Going to the doctor?  Taking medicine? If so, you can count yourself amongst the majority, who have grown up with these common responses and beliefs.  Sometimes going to the doctor or taking medication is just what you need to do.  However, it’s important to understand […]

Mini Meditation to Clear Stress: “Just One Thing”

Last week, I had one of those weeks where unexpected demands and changes in routine were piling up on me at a bewildering clip. It was only Tuesday and I wondering how I would possibly get everything done that I needed to do by the week’s end. The following mini meditation is a template of […]

Life’s Most Stressful Word

You’ve got a lot to do. The world is asking you to do it in less time, so you can do even more. There’s an insane pressure in all this busyness that’s pushing you to the edge. Yet, what if it’s not all those demands “out there” that are doing it to you? What if […]

Dissolving Stress With Stillness

Does your brain sometimes feel like Grand Central Station—with countless thoughts rushing around, stressing you out, and taking you away from your calm center? In the following short meditation, you can take a short break from all that mental busyness to quiet your mind and feel the peace that’s available underneath all the commotion. CLICK […]