5 Tips On How To Get More Energy When You Are Fatigued

How do you acquire more energy when you are tired? When I was teaching middle school science some years ago, after the first 3 periods of the day, and lunch hour, I was beat – tired and worn out. But I had two more classes to go, plus basketball practice after school. So, I had […]

5 Tips For Accomplishing Your Good Intentions

One of life’s under-rated stressors is battling with your good intentions. You want to eat healthy, lose weight, save money, spend more quality time with your family, take time to meditate and exercise, help out at church, clean up the basement, the list can get quite long. . . yet all the other tasks and […]

Far From the Maddening Crowd – Find Peace With Meditation and Spiritual Retreat

In the year 2005, I found myself among hundreds of my neuroscientist co-workers, attending a spiritual conference that enlightened us on meditation therapy. Like any other aspiring young, those were nothing but mere lectures to me. In fact, I didn’t realize its benefits until I went on a 10-day meditation retreat in the year 2010. […]

Stressed to Relaxed – Care to Join Me?

There’s an approach to stress reduction and a calm and more fulfilling way of living that most people are not aware of. I was not aware of it until several years ago and now practice it on a daily basis.  It can take time to master, but you’ll get better at it every time you […]

Need a Stress Break? Consider a Retreat

Does the idea of a vacation simply cause you more stress? Do you think about all the extra hours you have to work to finish deadlines before you go? Then there are the tourist crowds, airport lines, a crazy busy activity list, and the expense of hotel stays. Maybe you need a real getaway from […]

The Power of Friendship to Relieve Stress

When we are dealing with any kind of stress, we may feel powerless to fix it, yet unable to reach out for help. Studies have shown that having a few true friends relieves our stress levels, and improves our overall health. Yet, sometimes we may believe that reaching out means we’re asking our friends to […]

Five Keys to Minimizing the Stress of Aging

There seems no denying that stress is a killer. It makes young people feel old, and it makes an older person take a serious look at the aging process. The stress of aging doesn’t just mean that your hair may turn gray or your step may drag a little. Aging stress can take control of […]

How To Manage Stress Effectively

Throughout the lifespan of stress management research, experts have argued about the exact definition of the word stress. There are many opposing viewpoints, and like many words in our language, the conflict lies in the way the word is commonly used in popular culture. When most people hear the word stress, their muscles tense and […]

Life in the Sane Lane – Stress Reduction Made Simple

Your stress levels have been rising steadily over the last few months. Your energy levels have sagged like an old mattress and you feel like a whipped dog. You’ve become mentally frayed and have been reaching out to all your favourite vices for backup. “Coffee, I need you now! Don’t fail me.” “Ahh… my old […]

Why Your Use Of Technology Can Impact Your Stress Levels And How To Keep It Moderated

In the age of technology, we are always surrounded by our phones, iPads, laptops and televisions. While having all of these items close to us can make our everyday lives easier, they can also increase our stress levels. Work at Home The most common way that we are actually increasing stress by having our electronics […]