On Spot Techniques for Stress Management

Stress, we all encounter it and it can be seriously difficult to wind down. Trying to look after your children, do school runs, cook meals for the whole family, work overload, worrying about your weight or child obesity, or caring for a friend in need, whatever it is, or maybe its several things at once, […]

A Two-Step Stress Relief Strategy

What’s causing stress in your life right now? Is it the demands of your job? Conflict in a relationship? Money? Health issues? Are you worried about what might happen in these situations? Or about something that has happened already? Are you stressed about something you have to do, but aren’t sure you can? Can you […]

Relieve Job Stress With 3 Mental Turnarounds

Let’s say you’ve just lost your job, had your pay cut, or discover that your company hired a new young hotshot in the same position as you.  It’s likely that your mind instantly goes to worst-case scenarios.  “The economy is bad, what if I can’t get another job.”  “I’m really going to have to scrimp […]

3 Steps From Stress to Empowerment!

With all the talk about stress these days, you’d think we’d all be very aware when we are stressed-out and understand the consequences of it. However, over the past 30 years working with clients and myself, I’ve discovered that we often don’t fully understand the magnitude of the impact of stress. Most of us are […]