Aromatherapy for Stress Management

One of the most enjoyable ways to beat stress is to use traditional essential oils, which have a very long history of use for their healing qualities. Not only are essential oils natural and with some exceptions, free of side effects – those that are used for stress relief are beautiful scents that please the […]

Stop Everything and Just Breathe

No matter what you do for a living, stress is everywhere today. Despite this, remember to stop everything and just breathe. Fortunately, there are many methods of stress relief available all the way from massage to healing energy to long walks outside. But if you’re stressed to the max and need to calm down in […]

7 Easy-to-Practice Methods to Overcome Stress

Stress nowadays seems to be a very common problem among adults and even children. It is frequently talked about that almost everyone knows about stress and experiencing it on a regular basis… In general stress is referred to any factor that causes physical or mental unrest, including physical factors such as traumas, infections and illnesses […]

Fight Stress with Fun and Celebration

The world moves quickly and we are all working hard just to “keep up”. The non-stop work  and minimal time for fun and entertainment has become the norm rather than the occasional exception. The end result and consequence of this are a society with continually increasing stress, anxiety and fatigue. Although it may seem like […]

Focus On Two Things to Relieve Anxiety

What makes you feel anxious? Worries about money? Health issues? Conflict in relationships? For most people, these seem to be the big three. Now, is there something that happens in these three situations that makes you feel anxious about them or not? For example, why do you sometimes feel anxious about these things and sometimes […]

Relieve Stress With Love-Guided Meditation

Have you wondered what’s the key to whether you feel stressed-out or empowered in your life?  It’s easy and natural to think that it has to do with what’s going on around you—your work load, health, relationship issues, and so on.  However, have you noticed how the same things can sometimes stress you out and […]

Life’s Most Stressful Word

You’ve got a lot to do. The world is asking you to do it in less time, so you can do even more. There’s an insane pressure in all this busyness that’s pushing you to the edge. Yet, what if it’s not all those demands “out there” that are doing it to you? What if […]