Five Essential Oils for Everyday Wellbeing

What do you do when you have a headache, a cut, or a stain in your favorite shirt? Probably run to the nearest drugstore for Advil, hydrogen peroxide, and household cleaners. For centuries though, humans have relied on the basic healing, cleansing, and invigorating powers of essential oils. Knowing where to start, or what should […]

The Healing Powers of Music: A Look at the Remedial Therapeutic Properties in Music

Music, and sound in general, has been used by humans for many ages to induce changes in emotional and mental states. From mantras and chants to soothing tunes, the power of sound has a definitive effect on the human body. Modern research has begun to accept and support the practice of music therapy to help […]

A Healthy Dose of Laughter Therapy

Laughter is contagious and good humor is easily passed on to other people around you.  Basically, it feels good to feel good, and laughter is the key to changing your mood and spirit.  Of course you can’t always be in a good mood.  Some people and situations are so annoying that it’s almost impossible to […]

People To Talk To When Stressed

When we are all stressed out from work demands, family issues, or just some personal concerns, we often look for venues to deflect all the stresses. Oftentimes and expectedly, we indulge in the food we’ve always craved, go on an unscheduled trip, watch TV the entire day, see a random movie and sleep while watching it, or […]

How to Relieve Job Stress With Corporate Theatre

If you are stressed at work, which is worse…your workload, or the people you work with? Or maybe you have both. Either way, a new trend is spreading in the field of workplace stress management. Companies are learning to deal with workplace conflict and problem solving through theatre. No, this does not mean the boss […]

Feeling Stressed? Do Meditation

Stress is one of the causes to most diseases. Throughout life, there is likelihood that a person will suffer from stress. For instance, one may find himself in a fix while trying to balance between work issues; family, education, and the time wanted to live a peaceful life. However, stress should not be an issue if […]

How the Power of Focus Can Help You Deal with Stress

When you are under stress, do you feel sometimes like you just can’t focus? You may have deadlines, or a to-do list that is a mile long, but your mind doesn’t seem to want to get in gear. I think there is a good chance, though, that we can’t focus on what we want to […]

How to Relieve Stress by Doing Your Housework

One thing we can easily admit is that none of us are really that enthusiastic about getting our homes clean, especially if we had to spend a long and tiresome day at the office. In most cases we will pretty much loathe the idea and would rather run away to do something else that seems […]

Writing: A Surprisingly Effective Antidote to Stress

While walking rapidly down the hall of the new hospital, in the new city, new state…new everything, three days after the move I had never planned to make, I was delighted to see the face of a good friend from Houston, never questioning why this physician would be in Massachusetts on a Monday morning in […]

Relieve Stress and Depression by Moving Personal Boundaries

If you are under a lot of stress, does it ever seem like so many things are coming at you at once, that you feel all tied up and unable to move? Maybe you even lapse into depression as the only way to escape. Finding ways to untangle yourself from a few of life’s demands, […]