Feel Your Bliss: Turning Your Shower Time Into Your New Sensual Sanctuary!

In my last article I told you to relieve stress by getting naked. I thought long and hard about this and realized….I couldn’t top it. So I thought I’d match it instead. I was in my shower when I came up with this one, and I sort of began to notice that it has become […]

Feeling Anxious? Are You Making These 3 Self-Sabotaging Mistakes?

By Carolyn M Bennett-Sullivan When anxiety strikes it’s easy to fall into a pattern of fear based thinking. Let’s face it we all feel anxious from time to time. So what are 3 mistakes you can avoid when you’re feeling anxious. Mistake 1 – Denying your feelings. No one likes to feel anxious, I mean […]

Mini Meditation to Discover Your Confident Self!

All of us have situations in our lives that challenge our confidence. Whether it’s giving a presentation at work, speaking honestly in a relationship, or going all-out for your goals, lack of self-confidence makes you shrink into far less than your true potential. Fortunately, research shows that mentally rehearsing confident thoughts, feelings, and behaviors grows […]

4 Things to Tell Yourself When You’re Having an Anxiety Attack

If you’ve ever had an anxiety attack, then you know what a scary experience it can be. You may feel as if you’re going to lose control or in extreme circumstances, you may fear that you won’t survive the experience. Either way, it’s no fun. Unfortunately, if you’ve had one anxiety attack, it’s likely you’ll […]

Putting Your Brain On Pause

What if you had a remote control for your brain and you could change the channel or press the pause button whenever you needed a break from feeling stressed, angry, or overwhelmed? What if this remote was like the one in the movie “Click,” except instead of pausing what others are doing, you could pause […]