Reduce Your Stress in Two Minutes a Day

Bill Rielly had it all: a degree from West Point, an executive position at Microsoft, strong faith, a great family life, and plenty of money.  He even got along well with his in-laws!  So why did he have so much stress and anxiety that he could barely sleep at night? I have worked with Bill […]

On Spot Techniques for Stress Management

Stress, we all encounter it and it can be seriously difficult to wind down. Trying to look after your children, do school runs, cook meals for the whole family, work overload, worrying about your weight or child obesity, or caring for a friend in need, whatever it is, or maybe its several things at once, […]

3 Ways to Reduce Stress & Have Fun

Stress might seem like a friend you know all too well, a feeling that just never seems to fade away – we know how it goes, when new worries only seem to manifest in place of retired troubles. Do you think ditching your stress is impossible without first getting rid of all the bills, quitting […]

Stop Everything and Just Breathe

By Tony Fahkry   No matter what you do for a living, stress is everywhere today. Despite this, remember to stop everything and just breathe. Fortunately, there are many methods of stress relief available all the way from massage to healing energy to long walks outside. But if you’re stressed to the max and need […]

Three Tips and Seven Simple Exercises to Reduce Stress

By Paula D Jones At the end of summer, I set the intention to move through the semester with a sense of peace and calm. These are two states of being that I’ve honestly never experienced while in school. At least not for any extended period. In the past, school always meant – stress! It […]

Guided Meditation: Being At Ease In Your Life

If you ever find yourself over-reacting, over-whelmed, or just plain over-doing it, there’s a powerful practice that can help you come back to center and feel at ease. That practice is mindfulness. According to mindfulness expert, Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn, Mindfulness is non-judgmentally paying attention on purpose in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness can create […]

Putting Your Brain On Pause

What if you had a remote control for your brain and you could change the channel or press the pause button whenever you needed a break from feeling stressed, angry, or overwhelmed? What if this remote was like the one in the movie “Click,” except instead of pausing what others are doing, you could pause […]