Tips for Anxiety Sufferers – How to Overcome Anxiety With Positive Thinking

I am a depression sufferer. My first thoughts of suicide were when I was around 11 or 12 years old. I am now 36. Now, while you might feel sorry for me I can honestly say that I am a better person (by the grace of God) for it. You see, it is completely possible […]

How To Relieve The Anxiety Of Tax Time

Well, tax season is back. If your hands sweat just thinking about it, then you might need a plan to relieve the anxiety of tax time. Even the most organized of us may fear having to pay more, and not having the cash. Others fret they’ll be audited for some tiny error, pay huge penalties […]

Easy Tips to Relieve Anxiety

Millions of people around the world suffer from anxiety today. While there can be several underlying causes for anxiety, modern-day lifestyles and the competitiveness in the society might have exacerbated it. Thankfully, there are several ways in which one can relieve anxiety and live a more fulfilling life. Medication and meditation are effective ways of […]

Managing Your Child’s Separation Anxiety

Leaving an unhappy, scared child is difficult for both the parent and child. The stress, angst and sadness a child may feel when a parent leaves is known as separation anxiety. Though separation anxiety is challenging, parents with enough patience and understanding can help their child successfully work through it. Triggers A variety of things […]

The Secret Diary Of A Yoga Newbie

Why Yoga? For a long time now, my Instagram feed has been filled with pictures of flexible, gorgeous men and women performing yoga against scenic backdrops. One particularly memorable photo shows a tall brunette with flowing hair, gracefully balancing on one leg. On top of a cliff. In Australia. Perfect life much? Okay, yogis have […]

Anxiety and Weight Loss: Can Anxiety Make it Harder to Lose Weight?

As a chronic stress and anxiety sufferer since I was a young child, I have personally dealt with the health-related side effects that these conditions can bring. You’re busy; I get it. You’re balancing work, family, your household – all while trying to maintain a little sanity. You may think that anxiety is just something […]

5 Simple Steps to Stop Anxiety

Everybody experiences anxiety in their lives. And everybody should know that it’s normal. Anxiety is  part of the fight mechanism, a carryover from ancient people. Anxiety kept them alive, because of adrenaline, released into the bloodstream. But how can you stop anxiety? There isn’t anything that can truly stop anxiety instantly. Anyone who promises that […]

4 Steps to Release Negative Thinking and Reduce Stress

You want to be positive. You want to attract all the good things in life. You want to get over all that “stuff” that holds you back. You set good intentions, but things just don’t seem to be working out the way you intended. Then, the negative thinking comes in and it all goes out […]

Life’s Most Stressful Word

You’ve got a lot to do. The world is asking you to do it in less time, so you can do even more. There’s an insane pressure in all this busyness that’s pushing you to the edge. Yet, what if it’s not all those demands “out there” that are doing it to you? What if […]

3 Steps From Stress to Empowerment!

With all the talk about stress these days, you’d think we’d all be very aware when we are stressed-out and understand the consequences of it. However, over the past 30 years working with clients and myself, I’ve discovered that we often don’t fully understand the magnitude of the impact of stress. Most of us are […]