Mini Meditation to Attract Purposeful Prosperity

You’ll become an attracting force for abundant prosperity when you infuse your money transactions with positive purpose. When you harmonize your money with your Core Values you’ll feel lighter, freer, more energized, connected, and alive–and you’ll be more prosperous! So, the following mini meditation empowers you to see financial transactions as purposeful exchanges that express […]

Prosperity Secrets: 3 Simple Ways To Attract Unlimited Wealth And Abundance

Some people have devoted their whole lives to unearthing prosperity secrets. And now, you too, can learn all about these life-changing philosophies. Contrary to what you might think, these secrets don’t require you to make offerings or anything drastic. In fact, you might be surprised at how simple they are. To learn more about these […]

Working Less To Get Ahead

My clients are always surprised when I suggest they should work less but give more to get ahead. At first it seems like a contradiction until you begin to understand at a deeper level that giving comes from the heart; • It is fuelled by passion and demands excellence and diligence of you. • It […]

3 Easy Ways to Make Money From Your Home

Each and every one of us wants to have a comfortable life, right? We know that the economy today has become unstable for the past few months and more people are suffering from retrenchments from their work. We can do nothing about big companies closing at the middle of this financial crisis, but there is […]

7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Step 1 of 7 Steps to Financial Freedom:  Set Goals People fail in life because they don’t know exactly what they want to do, have or be with their life. They might say that they want to make a lot of money or would like to live in a big fancy house etc., but the […]

Success Equals Financial Abundance?

Everyone want to be a Success because Success equals Financial Abundance, right? If that is the case, why are so many college graduates unemployed, why do the multi-millionaires in the world make up the minority and not the majority? Answer: The definition of “Success” is subjective. My version of Success may not be your version […]

Tips to Remember When Making a Career Change

You will never be able to know exactly whether you will be happier (not to mention wealthier) in your new career. Some people would take the risk of applying as an intern to their new chosen career while still working full time to their present job. This way, if things don’t turn out the way […]

Discovering Your Soul’s Desire and Purpose

The key to receiving the abundance you desire is exchanging the gifts, skills, and resources that you have for that. The first steps are getting clear on what your soul desires and recognizing the value that you bring to the table—your purpose. So, in this meditation, you’ll journey into your soul’s desire and purpose: [mejsaudio […]