7 Simple Strategies To Living A Happy, Fulfilled Life

Have you been wishing you could get more out of life? It´s never too late, you know. Life is all about choices and every day is a new chance to make better ones. Choices that can help redefine and direct the course your life is taking. Making the choice to live consciously is the first […]

Positive Affirmations That Really Work

You’ve heard me talk about positive affirmations and how effective they are.  And I’m also sure you’ve heard people say they do them, but their lives haven’t changed.   So do affirmations really work? The answer is “yes”, but it really depends on what you’re saying and how much you believe what you are saying. If […]

Reclaim Your Life

The Struggles of Life Do you feel as though life is one endless drama after another? Are you constantly wishing all your problems would simply dissolve into nothingness? Surely you know the feeling – you’re on vacation on an island resort without a care in the world. It’s as though time stands still and all […]

How to Make Positive Thinking Second Nature

The power of positive thinking is old news.  We’ve become well familiarized with the idea that what we think about, feel, and believe makes a huge difference in our lives.  Not only does positive thinking make you feel better, it also creates better results in your life—and the lives of those around you. How do […]

“Happy Talk,” Your First Step to Dreams Coming True

Long before bookstores were filled with titles on the law of attraction, celebrated optimist Oscar Hammerstein II penned the lyrics for South Pacific, and advised us all to “keep talkin’ happy talk” if we wanted positive things to be fulfilled in our lives. Not everything always works out in a Rogers and Hammerstein musical. Life […]

4 Steps to Release Negative Thinking and Reduce Stress

You want to be positive. You want to attract all the good things in life. You want to get over all that “stuff” that holds you back. You set good intentions, but things just don’t seem to be working out the way you intended. Then, the negative thinking comes in and it all goes out […]