A Surprising Remedy For Anxiety

What makes you most anxious—your finances, public speaking, expressing yourself in relationships, your health?  We all have areas of life that put us on edge.  There are many good strategies to use in those specific situations to handle how you feel.  These include pre-planning, practice, and breaking these situations down into small doable actions that […]

How to Relieve Stress with a Positive Mental Attitude

We tend to think that stress is something that happens to us due to external events and circumstances outside of ourselves that we cannot control. We may be uncomfortable with the idea that we could possibly be the creators of our own stress. Yet, a great deal can be done to relieve stress by taking […]

Positive Thinking And Its Effect On Your Health

The first situation to consider is the relationship between thoughts and conditions like depression and stress. A crucial question is whether the person’s thoughts are creating the physical depression or the physical depression is creating the negative thinking. When it comes to how you can use your mind to help, this can be accomplished consciously […]

Take Control of Your Life: 3-Step Formula to Unleashing Your Inner Power

Do you believe that you just have to play the card life gives you and you have no way to take control of your life? Well, if that’s what you believe, then you’ve probably found it to be true, although many would beg to differ. If you’ve noticed, successful people in all walks of life […]

How A Daily Gratitude Practice Changed My Life

How A Daily Gratitude Practice Will Instantly Change Your Life I recently did a test. I did a test on myself first to make sure it would work. It was basically a simple test to see how quickly I could get positive things to consistently show up in my life by simply choosing sincere gratitude […]

How a To-Do List Can Increase Your Happiness

Many of us wake up with so many thoughts in our mind that it is a wonder we don’t get an instant headache! We worry about the things that happened yesterday, and the things that we have to do today. We worry about things that haven’t happened yet, and we usually focus on negative thoughts […]

Feel Good in 10 Minutes: Try This Exercise

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” -Proverbs 18:21 Words have a special power. Whether they are written or they are spoken, there is a certain magic behind what they can do. Well, it’s not really magic, but it can seem like it […]

Emotional Contagion: 4 Ways to Limit The Spread

Bad moods infectious? Negativity spreads faster than the flu? Once we stop to think about them, we know how true these statements are, but all too often, we find ourselves trapped in the disappointments of the day, the week or the month…and we breathe out the contagion of anger, frustration, and sheer negativity on whomever […]

How to Control Your Emotions

Intense emotions can arise at the most inopportune times, with the capacity to overwhelm you when least expect it. Your mind shuts down and instantaneously you’re a deer in the headlights. Frozen and consumed by the emotion. Have you ever experienced the intensity of emotions such as anger, anxiety or fear? It seems there is […]

10 Ways to Be Happy Now

When you find it hard to be happy it can be downright – well, depressing. Nobody likes to be unhappy and feel down and no one wants to get stuck in that feeling for a long period of time. That’s why finding ways to be happy is important. If you want to be happy then […]