A Very Easy Meditation Technique You Can Do Now

The Calm Down Breath is a very easy meditation technique, and the foundation for practicing energy management. It is simple but quite powerful – soothing and processing your energy, emotions and pain in a safe, natural way. And you can do it any time, and anywhere! To perform The Calm Down Breath: 1. Place your hands […]

Meditation Mastery: What is the best posture for blissful meditation?

Do I really have to sit cross-legged full lotus position to meditate? What is the best posture for blissful meditation? When we think about meditation it inevitably conjures up the images of a person sitting cross-legged in a lotus position. The lotus is a special type of cross-legged position, where each foot is resting on […]

Can’t Clear Your Mind? Maybe You Should Get Up and Dance!

Quietly meditating can do a lot to boost your mood and “clear your mind of can’t”. But if you are just sitting and fretting, listening to the clock tick, wondering if your time is up yet, then maybe it’s time to shift gears. Maybe it is time to get up and dance your thoughts away. […]

Mini Meditation to Attract Enlightened Prosperity

Does your mindset support the abundance you desire?  Or do your limiting beliefs keep getting in your way? To welcome the flow of resources into your life, it’s vitally important to cultivate a mindset that supports prosperity. So, in the following meditation, you’ll welcome a Purposeful Prosperity mindset and an enlightened Vision of the Network […]