Five Types Of Bad Habits That Will Benefit From Meditation

People have many motivations for meditating—some wish to be more self-aware, while others seek inspiration, or simple rejuvenation. No matter your views on meditation, there is no denying that many rely on it for a source of power in their lives. This is because there are countless benefits. You might not realize it, but meditation […]

The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – August 2014 – Week Four, “Cultivating Vital Energy” Meditation

Welcome back to another week following Kevin Schoeninger’s messages from Spiritual Growth Monthly. Throughout August Kevin has been taking us on a journey of exploration to uncover our own personal patterns of events and behavior, which have built layers of accumulated stress in our bodies and our lives. He ends the month by showing us […]

Getting Rid Of Stress And Finding Peace Through Meditation

Can meditation really help you avoid diseases or even get rid of disease? I believe it can. Meditation is a lost “art form” that most people don’t consider as a way to reduce stress, but it’s still very effective. It’s been reported that approximately two thirds of illness begins in the mind. The mind is […]

Mind Body Healing For The Busy Executive

If you are a business professional, then you are likely under a great deal of stress. With a busy schedule full of meetings, reports and presentations you may find yourself in a constant state of stress. Even worse, there may not be enough time during the day to get all your tasks completed – let […]

How to Increase Your Productivity in Just 20 Minutes

We’ve always had gadgets to make our lives easier. Ever since we crawled out of the primordial soup and developed opposable thumbs, we’ve been coming up with new and wondrous ways to make our lives easier. The I-Rock from the Paleolithic era was no doubt very helpful for breaking open the shells of nuts, the […]

Meditation For Childbirth

Childbirth is one of the most painful events that a woman can go through but it is also the most rewarding. While there are several medications that can help numb the pain, they all carry their own risks to both you and your baby. If you are choosing a natural childbirth and want a way […]

Meditation’s Healthy Benefits

When most people think of meditation, they simply think of monks that live in caves or monasteries, spending their time sitting cross-legged on the floor. Many people don’t realize all the benefits of meditation and don’t take the time to try it for themselves. The truth is, meditation isn’t just for monks and gurus. Anyone […]

How to Know If You Are Meditating Correctly

I often tell people that meditation is both the easiest and most difficult spiritual practice to master. It is easy in that any one can learn the techniques to meditate. There are also many tools available that will guide your through a meditation session. Although I enjoy listening to guided meditation CDs at times, I […]

The Secret Diary of an Aspiring Meditation Master – July 2014 – Week Four, “Receiving Accurate Inner Guidance.”

Welcome back as we follow Kevin Schoeninger’s exploration of the deeper secrets of meditation. Kevin has walked us through three of the four stages of meditation practice…conscious relaxation, deep concentration, and transcendence…to prepare us for the fourth stage, receiving accurate inner guidance. Kevin’s choice of the word “explore” for what we have been doing gives […]

Mind Power for Accomplishment

Are you quite anxious with your everyday professional and personal life? Do you ever remain awake at times simply because the following day tension of work bothers you? Do you have problems with focusing on the work at hand? In the event the answers to all of the earlier mentioned questions is yes, the time is right for you […]