Four Reasons Why You Should Learn To Meditate

I know, I can hear you saying it now, “Why would Meditation Help Me?  Isn’t Meditation for the Great Eastern Gurus?” The categorical answer is NO!  Every single person on this planet should learn to meditate to help you in your day-to-day growth, to help you cope with the world and to help you deal […]

How to Meditate: 10 Meditation Techniques

Benefits of Meditation: * Greater clarity of thought * More peaceful states of mind * Enhanced ability to concentrate * Increased creativity and intuition If you’re new to meditation, your mind is running around, with thoughts like: “What should I do? Is this really all there is to it? What am I supposed to feel?” […]

How to Put Relaxation Meditation Techniques to Work

I bet you can think of someone who you sometimes wonder if they have conquered relaxation meditation techniques.  They seem so calm under pressure, so able to control their moods and they have such great coping skills.  These are the byproducts of an effective and working relaxation meditation technique. “Relax”.  That is some word isn’t […]

A Very Simple Meditation Anyone Can Do – Let Your Mind Lead

The TRAVELING MEDITATION For some reason, “meditation” is a scary word for a lot of folks I meet or teach. That’s probably because they think of meditation as some new- age, hippie crap that they don’t have time for. In reality, meditation is old-age stuff. When you practice Meditation, what you’re doing is letting go […]

How to Meditate – The 6 Biggest Obstacles to Meditation

I’ve struggled with meditation most of my life. Over a span of 15 years, I purchased meditation CD’s, attended meditation classes and read books on meditation, yet was still unable to incorporate it into my daily life. The meditation CD’s usually put me to sleep and the classes and books made me feel like a […]

A Very Easy Meditation Technique You Can Do Now

The Calm Down Breath is a very easy meditation technique, and the foundation for practicing energy management. It is simple but quite powerful – soothing and processing your energy, emotions and pain in a safe, natural way. And you can do it any time, and anywhere! To perform The Calm Down Breath: 1. Place your hands […]

Meditation Mastery: What is the best posture for blissful meditation?

Do I really have to sit cross-legged full lotus position to meditate? What is the best posture for blissful meditation? When we think about meditation it inevitably conjures up the images of a person sitting cross-legged in a lotus position. The lotus is a special type of cross-legged position, where each foot is resting on […]

Finding Inner Guidance Under Stress-Guided Meditation

I’m sure you’ve had those days where life just didn’t seem like it was lining up in your favor. Maybe you overslept, rushed off without breakfast, had a flat tire, got caught in traffic, faced unexpected fires to put out and unexpected bills to pay, and then fell way behind on all those things you […]

Putting Your Brain On Pause

What if you had a remote control for your brain and you could change the channel or press the pause button whenever you needed a break from feeling stressed, angry, or overwhelmed? What if this remote was like the one in the movie “Click,” except instead of pausing what others are doing, you could pause […]

Dissolving Stress With Stillness

Does your brain sometimes feel like Grand Central Station—with countless thoughts rushing around, stressing you out, and taking you away from your calm center? In the following short meditation, you can take a short break from all that mental busyness to quiet your mind and feel the peace that’s available underneath all the commotion. CLICK […]