5 Life-Changing Meditation Skills and How to Grow Them

Meditation is one of the most powerful things you can do to transform your life for the better! No matter what you desire, inner skills are essential to get you there.  Why is that?  It’s because, the results in your life are directly related to your inner state–your intentions, thoughts, and feelings–and how these inspire […]

Breathe Like A Baby To Reduce Stress

Did you know that the way you breathe affects the stress you feel? In Qigong Meditation, we’re taught to monitor breathing so that it is slow, long, thin, even, and soft. Slow means that you take in and release air at a slow pace; long means your in-breathe and out-breathe have a long duration; thin […]

Six Steps to a Successful Meditation

A lot people all over the globe have heard of the many benefits of mediation but they don’t know how to meditate. Meditation when done in the proper manner will help anyone achieve their inner peace and focus whether they are meditating for self-healing purposes or for spiritual reasons. Those who know how to meditate […]

Meditation at Home Basics: How to Get Grounded in your Space

A big move, a holiday celebration, a vacation from work, a new job, even just the changes in the weather can shake the balance you feel every day. Are you grounded in the spirit of your home? If you are feeling unbalanced and out of sorts, starting a new meditation practice or maintaining one could […]

Guided Meditation: Being At Ease In Your Life

If you ever find yourself over-reacting, over-whelmed, or just plain over-doing it, there’s a powerful practice that can help you come back to center and feel at ease. That practice is mindfulness. According to mindfulness expert, Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn, Mindfulness is non-judgmentally paying attention on purpose in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness can create […]