Focused Breath Meditation

When most people think of meditation, they visualize an old man in diaphanous robe with a long white beard and dark, leathery skin. This imaginary man sits alone in a full lotus position, on top of a mountain in Tibet or some other exotic location. He is in a deep trance, engaged in a mystical […]

Meditation For Childbirth

Childbirth is one of the most painful events that a woman can go through but it is also the most rewarding. While there are several medications that can help numb the pain, they all carry their own risks to both you and your baby. If you are choosing a natural childbirth and want a way […]

How to Learn the Transcendental Meditation Technique

Sitting in a field of flowers, legs crossed, wrapped in white cloth, the sweet smell of incense wafting through the air. That’s what most people think of when they hear the word ‘meditation’. But what we see and hear in the media is not always an accurate picture of reality. The Transcendental Meditation� technique is […]

Beginning To Meditate

Everyone can benefit from meditation. Whether you need to relieve some stress from your life, are trying to improve your wellness, need help relaxing, or just want to find inner peace, meditation can help you do it. You don’t need Eastern knowledge or have to take any classes in order to meditate effectively; all you […]

Meditation: Improve Your Health, Reduce Your Stress

Nowadays we reside in a fast-paced society. Events occur so rapidly that frequently we don’t get the opportunity to respond in a meaningful way. Too often, instead of thinking things over, we make sudden and impulsive decisions. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Each of us has to loosen up a bit now […]

Meditation Fundamentals

Most of us are so busy that the thought of sitting still for 20 minutes or even 5 minutes a day is beyond us. We know meditation is probably good for us, but rewards seem fuzzy and methodology even fuzzier. What, exactly, is meditation? And do you have to be religious? Meditation is often associated […]

Meditation, Anxiety and Batman

If you’ve seen the recent Christian Bale Batman movies, you’ll know that until he donned his rubber suit with pointy ears, Batman was ironically and quite unfortunately scared of bats. After an unfortunate accident as a young boy that involved a wishing well and some questionable balance, the young Bruce Wayne fell into a cave […]

Meditation Tips And Techniques

Meditation: Connecting to the Source Regardless of what name we give to the universal energy source that governs all the intricacies of life, getting in touch with that source requires entering a state of meditation where we quiet our conscious minds and are able to tune into the still, small voice of that source that […]

4 Marvelous Meditation Techniques for Spiritual Growth

Meditation is an ancient ritual that is perfect for individuals seeking a bit of peace, quiet, and inner reflection into their daily lives. Make it a point to dedicate a few minutes each day to your meditation goals and spend some time reflecting inward. You can sit in the same position for hours without noticing […]

Basic Yoga Meditation For The Beginners

In Western culture, it’s believed that the gap between the actual body (what we have) and the ideal body (what we should have) is increasing. The gap is attributed to two major causes: lack of exercise and unhealthy diets that lead to obesity and serious health issues such as diabetes. In searching for ways to […]