A Guide to Reclaiming Your Thoughts

Persisting Thoughts Your thoughts have the power to shape your life. Many believe thoughts are set in stone and thus cannot be changed. Perhaps this is due to ignorance and naivety for the most part. As one cannot see a thought, they believe it is separate from them; happening ‘to them’ rather than ‘through them.’ […]

The Best Diet

For those of us fortunate enough to enjoy an abundant food supply, making good food choices is an absolutely essential foundation for health and energy. We can choose to have the best diet possible. However, with the ubiquity of bits and bytes of information, it’s easy for incomplete nutritional advice to make its way instantaneously […]

How To Master Anxiety And Worry

Do you ever worry beyond reason?  Does your mind tend to overestimate the risks of life and underestimate the powers and resources you have  to handle those risks?  Do you feel a subtle, yet persistent, sense of anxiety that runs like an undercurrent just beneath your  conscious awareness? If so, you’re not alone. Most of us […]