Free Your Mind after a Stressful Day: Try a Hair Spa Treatment at Home

Stress can lead to Hair Loss One of the most difficult things to do every single day is taking care of our hair. This is because our hair is inevitably going to be exposed to heat, dust, dirt, chemicals, and many other types of pollution. In addition, the world that we live in has many […]

Fight Stress with Fun and Celebration

The world moves quickly and we are all working hard just to “keep up”. The non-stop work  and minimal time for fun and entertainment has become the norm rather than the occasional exception. The end result and consequence of this are a society with continually increasing stress, anxiety and fatigue. Although it may seem like […]

A Foolproof Method For Stress Reduction

There really is a fix for this malady that all of us do battle with; that awful feeling of being so completely, totally overwhelmed that we literally cannot think. Our coping mechanisms are shredded and we want to-or do- cry from sheer frustration. But this foolproof method for stress reduction will work – each and […]

3 Steps From Stress to Empowerment!

With all the talk about stress these days, you’d think we’d all be very aware when we are stressed-out and understand the consequences of it. However, over the past 30 years working with clients and myself, I’ve discovered that we often don’t fully understand the magnitude of the impact of stress. Most of us are […]