Happiness Is …?

The word happy is continuously used to describe the quality of what we want in our lives.  The interesting thing is that when asked to outline our terms of happiness, we struggle to provide actual DETAILS. Why? Because the term happiness is used as a generic ideal, a concept or quality that we believe we […]

How to Beat Stress or Depression with Music Therapy

When we’re trying to beat stress or depression, we know intuitively that music can both soothe us, and get us moving again. Music therapy as a healing technique takes our innate connection to music, and ramps it up another notch. The idea of music therapy began as a method to heal soldiers with brain injuries […]

A Complete & Concise Course in Self-Knowledge

There are three general areas of self-knowledge: 1. Knowing who you are personally and spiritually –and how one empowers the other; 2. Knowing what is the personal and spiritual purpose of your life – and how to achieve them; and 3. Knowing what is the “human condition” that is the root cause of your problems […]

5 Powerful Tips For Overcoming Your Depression

When under the spell of depression, the world can seem devoid of any colour, love or meaning. I like to describe life in depression as ‘living in grey’ and I’m sure you understand exactly why I say that. It is unlike any other feeling because once it becomes bad enough, you become numb to every […]

Positive Affirmations That Really Work

You’ve heard me talk about positive affirmations and how effective they are.  And I’m also sure you’ve heard people say they do them, but their lives haven’t changed.   So do affirmations really work? The answer is “yes”, but it really depends on what you’re saying and how much you believe what you are saying. If […]

Discover Your Inner Peace with Hot Yoga

Between work, school, home and play there’s plenty to be stressed out about. It’s easy to get wrapped around tomorrow’s big meeting or that teacher/parent conference you have to attend next week. But what it really comes down to is how you cope and recharge yourself for these daily tasks and obligations. Without an outlet […]

3 Natural Ways To Beat Depression

I’ve been on nearly every anti-depressant on the market at some point or another. I know the side-effects which is why I turned to more natural approaches to beating my depression and desensitizing myself to the public. Now, I still take an anti-depressant but the dose is so low now that in a few more […]

Reclaim Your Life

The Struggles of Life Do you feel as though life is one endless drama after another? Are you constantly wishing all your problems would simply dissolve into nothingness? Surely you know the feeling – you’re on vacation on an island resort without a care in the world. It’s as though time stands still and all […]

Depression at Work: Tips for Getting Help

Many people find it difficult dealing with depression and anxiety in the workplace; you are not alone. It is hard to keep a good positive balance as work is often very demanding. If this is starting to affect your life, please seek help from a professional as only they can properly diagnose and help treat […]

You’re Not Doing Your Metabolism A Favor

Severe dieting, starvation, not doing any exercises, doing the wrong exercises, eating the wrong food and wrong supplements usage are only a part of the list of things with which you’re not doing your metabolism a favor. Severe dieting is almost the same as starvation – either you’re eating almost nothing or you’re really eating […]