How to Live Fully In the Present

Stuck In The Past Your mind fluctuates between a stressful thought about a future event while simultaneously recalling a thought from the past. You’re caught in a vice-like grip buried between two thoughts which hold you captive. You have abandoned all hope of staying grounded in the present moment, despite your best intentions to let […]

Sleep Well and Enjoy the Benefits

For many of us sleep is the last thing we think about in our busy lives. Our main concerns are often balancing the demands of a busy working life whilst looking after our homes, families and children. Occasionally we may fit in a few minutes for ourselves to go to the gym, sit in a […]

How to Live Stress-Free and Happy

Your stress relief is right here, right now. Literally, in the here and now, the current moment, there is absolutely no stress. Just stress-free happiness. So read this article over and over, pausing only to eat or sleep and you will be stress-free and happy. I’m just kidding. But reading is one way to live […]

How a To-Do List Can Increase Your Happiness

Many of us wake up with so many thoughts in our mind that it is a wonder we don’t get an instant headache! We worry about the things that happened yesterday, and the things that we have to do today. We worry about things that haven’t happened yet, and we usually focus on negative thoughts […]

The Secret Diary of An Aspiring Meditation Master – June 2014 – Week Three, “Secrets of Healthy Effective Weight Loss.”

Welcome back as we follow Kevin Schoeninger’s exploration into the Big Questions of life. This week in Spiritual Growth Monthly (SGM), Kevin reminds us that asking Big Questions doesn’t mean questions about the universe, or vague philosophies. It means questions about how we deal with what matter to us the most, what we think about every […]

Living Your Life In Forward Motion!

If you were to rate yourself on how happy and fulfilling your life is right now on a scale of 1-10, with “1” being not at all and “10” being fantastic, where would you rate yourself? It’s an interesting question, because, if you’re like most people, you use generalized terms to describe your life, like, […]

Eliminate Clutter Inside and Out

Our lives are filled with so much clutter, both physically and mentally, that it’s time to stop weighing ourselves down with countless energy zappers and start clearing the way for balance and concentration. Yes, it’s time to do some spring-cleaning. You’re all familiar with how important it is to unclutter your home of useless products, […]

Meditation and Healing

When the time has come to heal, meditation can be a significant tool in the process. Whatever it is we’re healing from, whether it be emotional or physical pain, this is a practice that brings us closer to our inner peace. From the inside is where all healing begins. As we connect with the peaceful […]

The Secret Diary of An Aspiring Meditation Master – Week Four “Releasing Past Pain to Heal Your Body.”

Welcome back to our journey, following Kevin Schoeninger’s weekly messages in Spiritual Growth Monthly. Still exploring the role of our intuition, this week Kevin leads us to think about messages our intuition could be telling us through how our bodies feel. If you’ve ever sat in one position too long, and wound up with a cramp […]

Emotional Contagion: 4 Ways to Limit The Spread

Bad moods infectious? Negativity spreads faster than the flu? Once we stop to think about them, we know how true these statements are, but all too often, we find ourselves trapped in the disappointments of the day, the week or the month…and we breathe out the contagion of anger, frustration, and sheer negativity on whomever […]