How to Deal With the Stress of Others

There are plenty of stressed-out people in this world, so it’s not a stretch to guess that there’s someone in your life that is constantly on edge, too. While you might not realize that his or her stress is rubbing off on you, it’s probably happening. Blame it all on your brain, as your body’s […]

The Secret To Change

Are there things that you want to change?  We all say things like “I want to feel better, I want to look better, I want to have less stress in my life, I want this or that.” Yet when it comes to making actual changes, boy do we dig in our heels!  As a business […]

Sticking With a Stress Free Life Sometimes Means Starting Over

I just saw an email article about “backsliding.” It looked catchy, but now it’s lost somewhere in the enormity of unread mail. I could stress about missing it, but hey, life goes on. Stress happens when we think we’re supposed to have everything under control, and we beat ourselves up getting off track. As humans […]

How To Stay Motivated When Life Keeps Handing You Lemons

While you can’t always control what happens to you, you CAN control how you deal with the lemons life keeps rolling your way. Instead of giving into feelings of negativity and powerlessness, take responsibility and use these time-tested strategies to help you manage both how you act and react toward the challenges you face. Nurture […]

Learn How to Effectively Remove Stress From Your Life

When I did a recent survey on every day stress, I had no idea what the results would be. I was amazed when more than half of the participants rated daily stress at a level higher than 5, from 0 to 10. More than half of them experience high levels of stress on a regular […]

Ways to Manage Stress

Although stress is often viewed as a negative, it is actually a natural and normal physical response. A stress response is simply the body’s ability to defend and protect itself. This “fight-or-flight” reaction can help a person stay energetic, alert, and focused. These behaviors can be beneficial. A winning touchdown, successful board room presentation, or […]

Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Anyone who has trouble sleeping understands how difficult it can be to function without the proper amount of sleep. In addition to avoiding the next-day grogginess, there are many benefits of a good night’s sleep. Reduce Stress When you do not sleep enough, the body becomes stressed out. When this happens it increases the overall […]

Are You Stressed About Being a Successful Woman?

This question will obviously generate different answers from different readers, but the only answer you really need to concern yourself with is your own.  Why?  Because when it’s all said and done, yours is the only opinion that really matters. I speak from experience when I say this.  I spent a good portion of my […]

5 Mind Relaxation Exercises To Feel Calm And Relaxed

In today’s fast-paced world, practicing mind relaxation exercises is a good habit to have. This way, you will be able to manage stress better and you won’t find yourself making rash or impulsive decisions. When you feel like your head is about to explode, isn’t it comforting to know that there are ways to handle […]

Stressed? 5 All Natural Ways To Decompress

In order to help you out, I turned to 5 of my natural health colleagues and put this roundtable article together. I knew we could all use some smart, simple, natural and safe stress relief techniques. And they have revealed some great ones . . . Ready to decompress? Read on . . . From […]