Finding Joy – Attracting What You Want

I think most everyone has heard about the Law of Attraction. The basic tenet states that like energy attracts like energy. That sounds pretty simple, and in reality it is. There is a hitch, however. That hitch is in how dedicated you are to your beliefs and that’s what this article is about. Finding joy […]

Happiness Busters and How You Can Banish Them!

Happiness buster 1: Focusing on the future too much Focusing on the future too much can lead to anxiety about it. We start to worry about what might happen. Our brain fills up with negativity and worse case scenarios. In reality, the things that we worry about the most do not end up manifesting; things […]

5 Ways You can Be Happy Now

The pursuit of happiness is a never ending quest that we all are on in our life and I think it’s safe to say that it’s also a very common overall goal that we have as well. Many of us spend so much time dibbling and dabbling in the latest fads and trends to test […]

Choose To Be Happy Right Now

We all want to be happy. The right to look for happiness is even guaranteed in the United States Declaration of Independence, and in the constitutions of some other countries. Unfortunately, no one has exactly spelled out the steps we must follow if we want to be happy. The problem for many of us is […]

How To Be Happy In 5 Steps!

1. Avoid Overthinking “You could spend a lot of time ruminating,” says Lyubomirsky. “But that just makes you feel even more pessimistic, more out of control, and effects your self esteem. Your relationships will suffer and your job performance will suffer.” Get rid of pessimism. One of the most effective ways to cope when things […]