Pain Relief Meditation

We all experience physical pain from time to time.  Some people live in chronic pain that is debilitating.  Pain can be very stressful!  When you’re in pain, your world collapses into a simple desire—to get rid of that pain!  It’s as if nothing else seems to matter until the pain passes.  Sometimes even the strongest […]

Mini Meditation: Free From Fear!

Wouldn’t you love to feel free from fear?  We get afraid when we think that what we’re facing is bigger than the resources we have to handle it.  Because of that, we feel more fear when we exaggerate the power of what we’re facing and underestimate our own resources.  We also feel more fear when […]

Mini Meditation to Discover Your Confident Self!

All of us have situations in our lives that challenge our confidence. Whether it’s giving a presentation at work, speaking honestly in a relationship, or going all-out for your goals, lack of self-confidence makes you shrink into far less than your true potential. Fortunately, research shows that mentally rehearsing confident thoughts, feelings, and behaviors grows […]

Relaxing Check-In: Mini Meditation

In our hyper-speed culture, it’s vitally important to relax and check in with yourself, at least a few times a day.  This week, I had a client tell me she is doing a check-in each hour.  She takes some deep breaths to relax herself and then makes sure she is on track with her priorities […]

Guided Meditation: Being At Ease In Your Life

If you ever find yourself over-reacting, over-whelmed, or just plain over-doing it, there’s a powerful practice that can help you come back to center and feel at ease. That practice is mindfulness. According to mindfulness expert, Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn, Mindfulness is non-judgmentally paying attention on purpose in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness can create […]

Mini Meditation to Clear Stress: “Just One Thing”

Last week, I had one of those weeks where unexpected demands and changes in routine were piling up on me at a bewildering clip. It was only Tuesday and I wondering how I would possibly get everything done that I needed to do by the week’s end. The following mini meditation is a template of […]