Staycation – When Walking From Your Bedroom to Your Living Room Isn’t Enough

By Asante Edwards It happens, this year you didn’t get to travel to an exotic country, instead you’ve opted for a staycation.  The problem is that you are spending most of your staycation in your home.  This is causing you stress as you look at the calendar and see that it is almost time to […]

The Art of Uni-Tasking

By Mark T Susnow Last week I was in the checkout line at the local health food store. It’s not unusual to run into old friends. I hadn’t seen Oscar in some time. In the midst of a catch-up conversation he attempted to pay his bill. After fumbling around, he laughed and said I better […]

Minimizing Stress for Maximum Success

By Beau N Norton Stress can kill. It is important that we all do whatever is in our power to reduce stress in our daily lives. In order to live a happier, more fulfilling life, we must learn how to minimize stress for maximum success. Emotions are energy, and they need to be released from […]

I DARE You To Do Something Ridiculous!

So you know how the Fire signs (Ares, Leo and Sagittarius) are passionate, strong willed, arrogant and can occasionally over react? Well, I’m an Ares, which is why it’s really humorous that I’m writing an article about how to relax. I can already tell you I’m the black cat, dark shadow Joan Jett of all […]

Every Writer’s Guide to Conquering Mental Block

Mental block is common and it should not discourage you from doing your thing. All great writers have experienced it at one point in their careers. There are times that great writers get stuck in the middle of their novel. If you experience to be staring at the computer screen or left with a blank […]

Don’t Stress! Embrace Your Uniqueness!

Because we are such complicated creatures we do have a tendency to be high strung about everything. Most of our stress factors too stem from the fact that we have so much confidence in ourselves that we have a tendency to want to do it all. We live in dream world of perfection and order […]

Rediscovering a Happier and Healthier You!

The thing about getting comfortable is that we tend to take for granted the things around us, even ourselves. We become so comfortable with our own skin and our old ways that we don’t want to change in fear of being different. So we become complacent. We accept all the excuses we can think of […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Life With Positive Thinking!

We all remember the story of “The Little Engine That Could.” A long train can’t get over the mountain, but is refused help by many of the larger engines until the little blue engine offers to pull him over. He repeats the mantra “I think I can” and is able to pull the train up […]

5 Shopping Tips for Women with Social Phobia

First of all social phobia is something that is common and there are a lot of people that suffering from this. The bad news about feeling the anxiety and stress while in public is that it cannot be stopped or cured. Unless it is perfectly okay to do online shopping, there is nothing like to […]

5 Tips For Taking Control of Your Asthma

Asthma is a very difficult disease. Survivability lies on how well you manage it. The quality of life of asthma sufferers takes a dip because they are unable to do a lot of activities and are often missing out on the fun of life. Taking control and managing it effectively can improve tremendously how you […]