The Best Way to Attract Money

Money. Money. Money…and more money. Everyone feels they need it. Everyone knows they want it. Yet so few seem to be able to get their hands on more than it takes to just get by. The key to being financial successful at anything you choose to do is to attract money to you. We’ve all […]

Attracting Money Starts With You

One of the main topics that attract people to the law of attraction is the concept of attracting money. Many people hear it and think that this means that you don’t have to do any additional work to receive a bump in their disposable income. This unfortunately is not necessarily true. While you don’t have […]

4 Tips to Attract Money Easily Using the Law of Attraction

Money can be attracted without stress and strain. The easiest way to attract money is to use the power of the mind. This ensures that your acts will be inspired, and inspired action causes positive attraction. The law of attraction dictates that mind rules man. When the mind is properly directed it’s easy to attract […]

3 Tricks You Can Use To Change Your Financial Future

All of us desire more wealth. Simply put, if you had more money, your life would improve. You could do more of the things you want to do. You would have more freedom and you could invest that money to generate even more wealth. Whether you have a business idea, a potential investment that you […]

7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Step 1 of 7 Steps to Financial Freedom:  Set Goals People fail in life because they don’t know exactly what they want to do, have or be with their life. They might say that they want to make a lot of money or would like to live in a big fancy house etc., but the […]

Success Equals Financial Abundance?

Everyone want to be a Success because Success equals Financial Abundance, right? If that is the case, why are so many college graduates unemployed, why do the multi-millionaires in the world make up the minority and not the majority? Answer: The definition of “Success” is subjective. My version of Success may not be your version […]

New Research-Meditate To Improve Your Finances!

So, what is that keeps you from improving your finances? While you could say “the economy” or “the lousy company I work for,” would it be fair to say that poor financial decision-making also has something to do with it? How many times have you regretted a purchase, kept throwing money at a failing business […]

Meditation For Better Financial Decisions

Did you know that meditation has a scientifically-proven ability to short-circuit the fear, worry, anxiety, anticipated regret, and poor thinking that leads to poor financial decisions? Recent research from The Wharton School demonstrates that you make better financial decisions after meditating. How does this work?  Well, it seems that meditating activates the parts of your […]

Meditation To Attract Financial Success!

Mentally rehearsing the abundance you desire primes you to welcome that experience in real life. It creates the mind-body circuits that make you a magnetic financial attractor. So, in this mini meditation, you’ll imagine a desired financial experience and three steps that will take you there. (I’ve included the “nature sounds” and “silence” versions here. […]

Mini Meditation to Attract Enlightened Prosperity

Does your mindset support the abundance you desire?  Or do your limiting beliefs keep getting in your way? To welcome the flow of resources into your life, it’s vitally important to cultivate a mindset that supports prosperity. So, in the following meditation, you’ll welcome a Purposeful Prosperity mindset and an enlightened Vision of the Network […]