Can Aerobic Exercise Be Counter-Productive?

Recently, we explored how much exercise we really need.  We discovered that the most important thing is to get up and move on a consistent basis.  Almost any movement is exponentially more beneficial than being sedentary.  Your body is made to move. But can aerobic exercise be counter-productive? Almost every physiological function benefits from regular […]

Stress Relief Exercise Ideas For a Healthier You

Each of use deals with stress each day. Demands on our time, money troubles, relationship issues – all of this can cause large amounts of stress. Stress takes its toll on the emotional, bodily and mental levels of our person. While some stress can actually be good for your health, excessive, prolonged stress increases your […]

What is the Best Exercise for Bone Health?

Most people reach their greatest bone density by around the age of 30.  Healthy bone will continuously shed old bone cells and rebuild with new bone. However, past the age of 30, often there is more bone loss than is rebuilt. Genetics, nutrition and the amount of physical activity in youth all affect how susceptible […]

Natural Bone Health

When I began my career as a massage therapist, I was practicing at a health spa that included all natural foods and featured various exercise classes, including yoga and tai chi.  At that time, in the mid- 1980’s, they posted an article on the bulletin board about research showing that the most effective way to […]

You’re Not Doing Your Metabolism A Favor

Severe dieting, starvation, not doing any exercises, doing the wrong exercises, eating the wrong food and wrong supplements usage are only a part of the list of things with which you’re not doing your metabolism a favor. Severe dieting is almost the same as starvation – either you’re eating almost nothing or you’re really eating […]

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

We’ve all heard that we “should” exercise.  Our bodies are made to move and they don’t function well if we don’t get up, walk, stretch, and strengthen on some sort of consistent basis. However, there’s great debate about just what kind of exercise and how much exercise is necessary.  In my 30 years as a […]

Trouble Thinking Clearly? Try This!

This past week, I received an appreciative email from one of our clients in the U.K.  She was having a lot of trouble thinking clearly, but described how great she felt after following one of our suggestions for improving mental clarity and ease while meditating.  In fact, when you do this before any mental task, […]