A Healthy Dose of Happy: 8 Foods to Boost Your Mood

It’s been said that some people drown their sorrows in food. To a degree, there’s some science behind that. There are certain foods that actually boost our mood when we eat them. The next time you’re feeling down seek comfort in the following 8 foods to boost your mood. Spinach It’s not just for Popeye! […]

Can Brainwave Music Therapy Change Your Mood and Beat Depression?

In my last article, we looked at how music therapy can relieve stress and help beat depression. Besides the uplifting benefits of listening to music, there is also a specific type of music designed to actually guide our brains to the place we want them to go. You may have seen CDs or MP3 tracks […]

How to Beat Stress or Depression with Music Therapy

When we’re trying to beat stress or depression, we know intuitively that music can both soothe us, and get us moving again. Music therapy as a healing technique takes our innate connection to music, and ramps it up another notch. The idea of music therapy began as a method to heal soldiers with brain injuries […]

5 Powerful Tips For Overcoming Your Depression

When under the spell of depression, the world can seem devoid of any colour, love or meaning. I like to describe life in depression as ‘living in grey’ and I’m sure you understand exactly why I say that. It is unlike any other feeling because once it becomes bad enough, you become numb to every […]

Nature’s Recipe To Beat Depression

Spring is coming. Nature’s recipe to beat depression is almost here, with its ingredients of sunshine, fresh air and exercise, courtesy of springtime outdoor chores. Those of you who like to garden already know this recipe well, and you’re probably just itching to get outside and get your hands in the dirt. For those of […]

3 Natural Ways To Beat Depression

I’ve been on nearly every anti-depressant on the market at some point or another. I know the side-effects which is why I turned to more natural approaches to beating my depression and desensitizing myself to the public. Now, I still take an anti-depressant but the dose is so low now that in a few more […]

Depression at Work: Tips for Getting Help

Many people find it difficult dealing with depression and anxiety in the workplace; you are not alone. It is hard to keep a good positive balance as work is often very demanding. If this is starting to affect your life, please seek help from a professional as only they can properly diagnose and help treat […]

Are Irrational Ideas Getting You Down?

Do you ever find yourself experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, or a sense of deflation or powerlessness without any major event provoking those feelings?  If so, you may be experiencing the effects of irrational ideas and beliefs. Psychologist Albert Ellis, founder of rational emotive behavior therapy, identified many common forms of irrational ideas and self-talk.  […]

3 Tips to Beat Depression With Positive Mental Movies

When bouts of depression hit, our bodies slow down, and our thoughts go into auto repeat about how bad we feel. It can be very hard to beat depression and pull away from negative feelings when all we can think about is being depressed. What if, instead, we could give our minds something better to do, […]

Let Your Depression Drift Into Space

Perhaps you’ve seen the poster. It’s the Milky Way, in all its glory, with an arrow pointing to the middle that says, “You Are Here.” Suddenly, all our worries and anxieties seem pretty small. And this is just one galaxy. If the picture makes you feel insignificant, here’s the good part. So is everyone else. […]