How to Deal with Depression Following a Debilitating and Unexpected Injury

A debilitating and unexpected injury can naturally lead to depression. Yet, the fact that depression is common and natural in such circumstances rarely makes it less painful. In fact, the people around you may use the frequency of depression in your situation as an excuse to say things like, “Cheer up” or “Get over it; […]

How To Help Someone With Depression Who Refuses Help

It can be very frustrating when someone close to us is suffering from depression or a related mental illness, and yet refuses to seek or accept any sort of help or treatment for their condition. Many people feel helpless or powerless when someone they care about is depressed and yet refuses to accept any kind […]

Feeling Down? Here Are 9 Ways to Beat the Blues

From time to time, the blues will hit you like a ton of bricks. You will feel down for no apparent reasons. That’s a normal part of life but there’s no reason for you to continue feeling that way. Believe or not, you have the POWER within you to beat the blues! All you really […]

How to Beat Depression by Cooling Inflammation in Your Brain

It is not uncommon to associate anger with fire; heated conversations, inflammatory words, and the need to cool down. But research is showing that depression is also fueled by the same internal defense system that causes us to have a fever with an infection. This defense is inflammation, and while it works great to help […]

Why Do Comfort Foods Cause Depression?

When we are stressed, cravings for comfort foods are perfectly understandable. The body’s response to stress is to produce hormones that both prepare us to meet challenges and to recover. The stress hormones create cravings for food, especially for fast foods that provide quick energy sources. We often reach for comfort foods in the form […]

How to Deal with Mild Depression through Smart Ways

If you are sad, losing appetite, and feeling down lately, you may be suffering from a mild form of depression. Do not worry about it. It is natural and everybody feels that way once in a while. I am someone who is at my creative best when I am depressed. I will either sit read […]

Postnatal Depression – 5 Causes and 5 Ways to Overcome It

Many women experience a “high” after giving birth, which carries on through­out the postnatal period. In about 40 per cent of these women, this “high” leads on to varying degrees of postnatal depression or “blues”. In most cases, this is manifested through one or two crying episodes, for no apparent reason, within the first three […]

5 Simple Steps to Happiness Now

Everyone is seeking happiness. This is a truth that supports the food, drug, entertainment, self-help, retail, automotive, and every other industry. People are seeking happiness; and, when they can’t find it, they seek to escape their discomfort. Of course, there are those who are seeking happiness through misery; and some who are miserable no matter […]

Recognizing Depression In A Parent: Help Is Available

Recognizing depression in a parent can be more difficult than we might expect. It is easy to miss less obvious signs, or we may resist the idea because we want our parents to always be there for us to lean on. At the same time, our parents may hide feelings of depression out of dread, […]

How to Beat Depression by Making Over Your Space

When you are trying to beat depression, the effort to make over anything may seem unthinkable. But if you are unhappy with your environment, it can pull you down a lot further than if you were in a space you actually enjoy. Curling up on a sofa you love, with maybe a good book or […]